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My friend Edgar Hoill has officially launched his online store! Edgar is an amazing photographer that has sold-out galleries across the globe and his tattoo influenced pictures are just spectacular to look at! He even has his photographs adorning the walls of Hollywood A-listers!

Now you can wear his trademarked photographs with his clothing brand called OSOK! He's got stellar merchandise and apparel which I personally think rocks!

If you are a true fan of tattoos, you'll love his book called Black & Grey Tattoo. Black & Grey Tattoo comes in three large-format volumes and has over a thousand pages and weighs 10kg!!! As the title suggests, it explores the origin of black and grey tattoos. Check out the book yourself by clicking here!

So yeah, visit Edgar's online store at and drop by his Official website at If you are a retailer and would like to have OSOK products in your store, send your inquiries to

For all other general inquiries, be sure to send them to and my friends will take good care of you!

Join the movement. Feel the Passion. OSOK.

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