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Noel Boyd FC

Tiger Beer has selected me as a captain and I've been tasked to form a team for this unique online challenge against 50 individuals from the region. I spent last night going through everyone in my list of friends and I believe I've found my 10 teammates. More on that later today...

I'm sure most of you know that England International and Manchester United star Wayne Rooney was in the most recent Tiger Beer commercial. If you've not seen the TVC, here it is...

I know it would be shameless to compare myself with Wayne Rooney but I'll go right ahead! For starters, we both are proud daddies. His son, Kai Wayne Rooney, was born on 2nd November 2009 and my son, Drayden Rhys-Cruz Boyd was born on 13th April 2008. And... Rooney was born in Croxteth, Liverpool and I SUPPORT Liverpool! I appreciate the fact that Rooney fights for the ball and his team every single time he is on the pitch. I use that same approach in whatever I do and I'll never stop fighting for what I want in life. Well last but not least, we both have been spotted with Tiger!!!

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