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Celebrities I Follow on Twitter

I thought it would be interesting to list the celebrities & personalities I follow on I really like these people and their Tweets are always worth a read. If you click on any of the names below, it'll lead you to their Twitter profile and you can follow them too. I want to assure everyone that the following Twitter accounts are genuine and have been certified by Twitter...

Ellen DeGeneres: She is the funniest woman walking this planet!
Bindi Irwin: Oh man, Bindi totally rocks! She's gonna grow up with a big heart just like her dad.
Jamie Oliver: Jamie is one of the few chefs I bother watching on TV. He's good!
Jimmy Fallon: I've been a fan since he joined Saturday Night Live! Did you watch Taxi?

Gurmit Singh: As you know, I'm a big fan of Gurmit. He's doing an awesome job on OMG!
Irene Ang: Possibly the hardest working woman I know. She's also on OMG. Heh!

SLASH: The best damn guitarist EVER!
Lady Gaga: One word, AWESOME!

Ami James: Excellent businessman, kick-ass artist and he follows my blog. Woot woot!
Tim Hendricks: I met Tim in Singapore and the man is an incredible artist!

WRESTLING - This is the longest list!
Shawn Michaels: I'm a childhood fan of HBK!
Chris Jericho: The most entertaining wrestler in WWE now.
John Morrison: He's good and I love the hair. Hahaha...
Melina: Oh gawd! She's smoking hot!
Ted DiBiase Jr: The dude is as talented as his father. Enough said!
Randy Orton: The Viper and Legend Killer has happening sleeves. He's damn good in the ring too.
Steve Austin: He's raising hell in TwitterLand!
Jim Ross: The best play-by-play commentator EVER. WWE needs his voice back on commentary pronto!
Matt Hardy: His tweets are always interesting...
Chavo Guerrero: In my opinion, he is as talented as his late uncle Eddie. Such a waste he's underused...
Jeff Hardy: This ring daredevil needs to tweet more!!!!

Now that you've seen my list of celebrities on Twitter, do you follow any celebs that aren't listed here?


  1. Of all I like Jamie Oliver and Lady Gaga. I knew L.G had a twitter account but not Jamie Oliver. So thanks for that!

  2. I am following Jackie Chan but I haven't seen his tweets in a while. One of my favorite trance DJs, Armin Van Buuren as well, now he's active.

  3. Jackie Chan is on Twitter??? Damn! What's his twitter username?


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