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What a ride!

I just can't wait for July! It's gonna be a fantastic month. I just know it will be. July will be the month where I make some announcements relating to work. I'm thankful that there are people around me that believe in me. Really man, it means so much. I guess it does pay to be your normal average guy that works extremely hard at what he believes in.

I'll tell you right now that the last 24 months hasn't been easy. Having to walk two and a half hours from Far East Plaza to my house two days before my son was born should give you a rough idea on how things were like then. Having terrorist Mas Selamat escape from the detention cell didn't make the walk any better! I had to walk along the same damn pathway he took along Thomson Road. The best part...I was bald, in a hurry and sweating like a pig from the walk! And I'm brown for crying out loud! Cars slowed down, people at the bus stop took double takes and I got stopped thrice by cops! Looking back, it's funny! I bet at that time, none of those people realised that Mas Selamat didn't have no freaking tattoos. Heh!

But with the support of my wife and closest of friends (THANK YOU GUYS), I struggled and fought for a better day. I'm not telling the world this because I want pity. Hell no! I'm telling you this because I'm humbled each and every time someone says he or she is a fan. I'm humbled when I get emails and messages on Facebook yet alone the comments on the Skin Art page. If you've been through what I've gone through, you'll know exactly what I mean.

For now...July can't come quick enough!


  1. Though we never meet up before, just emailing and SMS, I am truly happy to see that you are getting good.

    Gonna wait till July before you can reveal anything in your blog!

  2. Good things come to good people, Noel. Hang in there!!

  3. I always tell my husband this. "I have a friend. His name is Noel. He is possibly one of the nicest and coolest man I've ever made acquaintance with. He helped me alot during my teaching stint at Yuying and I'll never ever forget him for that." Noel, I know what you've gone through. I've gone through the same, believe me. Whatever it is, stay humble and good things will definitely come your way. *smile*

  4. Thanks Uni! We should meet up soon! Been way too long!

  5. Hi Ratnah! Thanks for such a sweet comment! I remember Yuying like it was yesterday. Glad to have helped.

    I'll always be humble. I am a people's person and I can't see myself any other way. I love life too much to be a stuck up S.O.B.


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