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Castrol Football Open Room

On Wednesday night, I attended the Castrol Football Open Room session at Brewerkz Riverside Point. We had an entire room to ourselves and as the title suggests, the evening was all about football! There was free-flow of in-house brewed beer, great food, awesome company and lots of football talk.

If you're following me on Twitter, you would have seen my Tweet about my camera. I reminded myself throughout the day to bring along my camera. Well, I packed it in my with fully charged batteries but...I LEFT MY MEMORY CARD in my laptop! So, it didn't matter if I had the damn camera or not. I couldn't take any pictures! Bloody crap!!!

Anyhow, here are some pictures from the Castrol Football page on Facebook.

Here's me talking to our National team players Isa Halim and Lionel Lewis. Great guys who are so down to earth. If either of you read this...You guys rock!!! I plan on catching Home United play a match at the Bishan stadium sometime soon...

They had laptops where one could check the statistics of their favourite nation. You can do the same by clicking here. Do check out The Castrol Index, Castrol’s Greatest Legends, Castrol EDGE Penalty Analyzer, Castrol Match Predictor and Tournament Predictor. I'm totally not digging England's chances of winning the World Cup!

I played in this PS3 FIFA World Cup 2010 tournament and got kicked out in the first round! If it's any consolation, my team lost 1-0. That ain't too bad right??

With most events, you'll meet some nice people. Below are links to two sites by individuals I had the privilege of talking to...

FUTBOLITA.COM - It's the female football voice by Ash. Be sure to check it out folks! - This online store sells official English, Spanish and Italian football apparel & merchandise. And...they have the new Liverpool 2010 kit. Woot woot!!!

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