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I know I am supposed to post pictures of my son's birthday party today. But a friend of mine passed away earlier today and I am not in the zone to do anything. Today is actually my son's birthday but it's been so damn difficult to smile. I plan on writing a memorial post later today or tomorrow.

Ok, I don't know how to end this post so I'm just gonna stop here.


  1. So when are you going to post the photos of your son's birthday party ? On weekends most people are out visiting / shopping and not so likely to be on the internet, so I doubt you will post until next Monday 19th April 2010 afternoon the earliest

  2. Dude!!!!
    Give us a break will ya??
    We have A LOT OF WORK to catch up on after being away for the weekend. And maybe you missed the point of the post, NOEL JUST LOST A CLOSE FRIEND. Give him some time to mourn CAN??? it's only polite!

    And please, has it ever occured to you maybe we ourselves can't wait to post the photos??? But we HAVE TO WAIT COS OUR PHOTOGRAPHER HASNT PASS US THE PHOTOS FROM THE PARTY.

    I understand your excitement, but SERIOUSLY DUDE, you're getting a bit impatient and rude.
    So quit asking.

  3. You don't even offer your condolences! How rude is that???
    And pls lah, you're not his boss. It's not like Noel has a deadline to meet!
    He already explained the reason for the delay. So give it up already!!!

  4. Seriously dude, what the fuck is your problem? Didn't I clearly state why I didn't post the pictures. My friend passed away. A person that was heavily involved in this blog for the last few months. Is that so hard to fucking understand??!

    I don't feel like posting the pictures. Maybe tomorrow or the day after. I'll post them when I feel like it.

    For now, why don't you get a freakin life?! CCB!

  5. Your I.P address (<span> </span>shows you work along Bras Basah Road. It's an IP address of a bank. I'm sure they'll love to know their employee is using the internet to leave stupid comments during official working hours!

  6. hey noel i've lost a bro over the years as well. just remember the great times and be grateful that someone so special played his part in your life and taught wonderful lessons............all the best

  7. Hi Kal, thanks for leaving this comment. My apologies for the late reply. Been helluva busy on my end and I've been down with the flu.

    I totally agree with you. The fondest memories are always the best. I learnt so much from Andrew and I'll always be grateful. The best thing I can do on my end is to use the knowledge he shared and become the best person I can be. I reckon that's the best way to honor and cherish someone.

    I'm sorry to hear about your bro and I sincerely hope all is well with you.


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