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In memory of Andrew Peters

At 2.07am this morning, I received a text message that broke my heart. I sat on my bed not knowing what to do. I couldn't react because I didn't want to believe my agent and most importantly my friend, Andrew Peters passed away in New Zealand. The last I spoke to Andrew, he apologized for not being in contact for a week. He blamed the flu and old age. So to get a message saying he died from lung cancer was unbelievable to say the least. I called Debra, organizer of the Singapore Tattoo Show, and while she was feeding me the news, it really hit me that Andrew was really gone. I broke down immediately after we ended our conversation.

Andrew and I first started communicating over 2 years ago via emails and from what I've gathered, he liked my blog. In February this year, Andrew and I officially worked side by side during the Singapore Tattoo Show. It was Andrew who got me to be the official blogger for the show and it was an experience I'll never forget. He hooked me up with Australia's as well and that was kinda like my international debut.

For those of you that don't know Andrew, I truly wish you had the opportunity to meet this amazing individual. Funny, witty, genuine, caring and knowledgeable are just some of the many words you could use to describe him. Beyond the tattoo show, we were discussing various projects which we could do together. One of these projects was supposed to be my own reality show that Andrew came up with. Wanna know something? He did all this for free. He didn't want to accept any money from me till I became a star. Funny as that sounds, Andrew said I would find fame in the near future.

I think I am supposed to host the memorial and it would be an honour to do so. From what I hear, it's next Saturday. Stacey created this group on Facebook that you can leave comments, photos and videos. The memorial service details will be posted there soon. Click here to head to the FB group...

Andrew, I can never thank you enough for all that you have done for me. Thank you for all the advice and thank you for believing in me. You were one heck of an agent and I hope I was as good of a friend to you. I take comfort knowing you are in a better place.

Till we meet again, I love you brother.


  1. Isn't it wonderful how we all hooked up together because of Andrew? Hope you did smile a little after reading the above sentence :)  and last but not least - Happy Birthday Drayden :)

  2. You are absolutely<span></span> right babes. If it wasn't for Andrew, we wouldn't have met. I wouldn't have chilled with some of the biggest names in the tattoo industry too. You definitely made me smile. Thanks :)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes too!

  3. Andrew Peters....where to begin. Firstly you cross my mind from time to time, and it came as a great shock to discover your passing. I recall the time we spent together in Wellington all those years ago and it all comes flooding back as though it were yesterday. 1981 in Wellington was a time when we were finding ourselves and you proved to be a person of great resolve and great beauty. For some reason, although we have not seen each other since,I find myself asking what might have are a beautiful man and I thank you for the chance to have known you.

  4. Thanks for the heartfelt comment Stefan. Hope you're well and god bless.

  5. Andrew and I were young teenages in the early 80's. We were being rebelious, experimental and fun loving. We partied at the Dorian Club in Welly with Mal, Daniel,many of my hairdressing mates and drove around the streets of Welly in my little blue Ford Anglia whilst dreaming of what our future would hold. The last time I saw Andy was the day he got the call that his mother had passed and we hugged and cried.

    I have been out of touch for years but never forgot the teenager I met who worked at AE Prestons and was so motivated to "make" something of his life. My heart is overjoyed he succeded on all levels...I am blessed to have known him too. Katy


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