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What's up with the freaking weather? It's so bloody hot in Singapore! I am always amazed when I hear tourists say they love our weather. I'm like, "ARE YOU MAD??". I am this close to moving to the south pole! On most afternoons, I wonder why the hell I showered in the first place. It really does defeat the purpose when the second I step out of the bathroom, I start perspiring. Yeah, I perspire way too much...

I am bringing my wife and son to the gala premiere of Alice in Wonderland later in the evening. The tickets are courtesy of Nuffnang Singapore and it'll be our first movie with Drayden. I reckon he will be mesmerized by the huge ass screen. At least I hope he will be... *am crossing my fingers & toes*.

Also, I picked up the Nokia X6 from the Nuffnang office earlier in the day. The phone looks so so nice! Unfortunately, I have to charge it for 8 hours before I put this slick phone to the test. Be sure to check back here for my review!

I want to thank Ashley McCormick from World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc, for the cool Royal Rumble tee I received yesterday. My son has been having a blast pointing and asking me to name each wrestler. This went on for an entire bus ride!!!

We are filming two cool Skin Art episodes tomorrow. My wife and Dray's godfather will be featured in one episode. If the producers allow Dray to be on camera, we can call the episode "A Family Affair". I've been wanting to say that for such a long time. Hah!

Ok people, I have to go do some stuff before we leave for the movie. Ya'll be good ya'll hear! Byeeeeeeee...

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