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I have one more day of events before I get myself ready for the Backstreet Boys! I can't wait! It's been ages since I've been to a concert and it's freaking awesome that I'll get to watch one of the greatest boy bands LIVE on stage. I'll blog more about the concert on Monday aite!

The last few days has been hectic man! I've done a good number of events and I have two more today. It's Orchard Hotel at 10am followed by a SOL beer event at Sentosa which ends at 3pm. It'll be an afternoon filled with Mexican beer. Nice! I've said it before and I'll say it again, nothing beats a cold beer at the beach. Make that Tanjung Beach, Sentosa! If you're up for some SOL, come on by!

I worked with The Flying Dutchman's (Mark van Cuylenburg) company for the first time yesterday. FD has such nice people working with him. You girls totally rock!!! We'll meet up for drinks soon enough yeah! If you need a kick-ass company to handle your events, visit the TFD website by clicking here! Anyhow, here are the airbrush tatts that were specially customized for their event...

I love the ashtrays at Shangri-la Hotel. They all have the letter 'S' marked in the sand. Maybe it's just me but all I wanted to do was smoke my pack of Sampoerna's and mess up the sand!

Reckon it's time I head to dreamland. Have a pleasant day/morning wherever you are at!

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