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Hey boys and girls! Before I head off to dreamland, just want to let all of you know that my debut on is finally up online! I'll share with you my thoughts about how well or bad I did later today. So do check back for that...

To view my international debut, head on to, scroll down till you see the play list and select the 'Vernon - Singapore Tat2 Show' clip. Once you're done watching, please leave a comment at the end of this post. I need to know what ya'll think!


  1. Good job sweetheart!!! What a debut!!! i like it and I am surprised that Vernon is colour blind! The shading that he does, doesnt look like it's done by someone who is colour-blind!

    I would like to see more bantering between you and the interviewees in the future! Vernon's great cos he eleborates on his answers (not much prompting on your side! and if only all interviewees are like him, hosting would be such a breezy job!) but it would be nice to see you picking up on the answers and leading them to the next question.

    but it was a good job done nonetheless and i cant wait till Skin Art premiers next mth!

    xxx D

  2. Thanks Dina!!

    I looked at Vernon's art and I went wow! Then when I was told just before the camera rolled that he was color blind, I went "are you shitting me??!!". The boy has talent!!

    Interviewing Vernon was easy because the fella speaks well and he's down to earth. I agree that I need to follow up on answers. The problem with me is that once I ask a question, I'm immediately thinking of the next one. And I’m also reminding myself not to say OK or ERM when someone is talking…Trust me when I say a million thoughts were running through my bald head!!!

    I'm thankful that I've been doing my homework before each Skin Art shoot. Am crossing my fingers that I'll look prepared and composed on screen! =)

    Err...Skin Art actually airs next Friday, 19th February. They've brought it forward. I'll probably have an anxiety attack by Thusday night!

  3. Yah, dont make any sound unnecessarily when the interviewee speaks! *lol*

    Next Fri!!! Thought you mentioned next month! Yay!!! Let the countdown begin!!

  4. Hi mate, saw you on tattootv and I must say you are easy to find on the web.
    Always is refreshing to see new faces & you did a great job. If I may share a tiny bit of advice, try looking at the camera more. Flirt with the camera and it'll love you to bits!
    Honest to god, you did far better compared to the junk I watch on television.


  5. I've learnt to keep my mouth shut while interviewing. It was a bitch to edit out the "ok" and "uh uhhh" from last month podcasts!!!! Now I just nod my head!

    Helluva soon huh? Wooohoooooooo!!!!


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