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The Dell Studio 15 Range!

I absolutely love the new Dell Design Studio laptops! I am the kind of guy that likes things to look different from the norm and if a product matches my personality and outlook, it’ll get my tongue wagging. Dell Studio 15 has laptops in really cool designs!!! Mike Ming’s ‘Sea Sky’ design is my favourite of the lot (picture right)...

Besides the ability to customize how your laptop looks, the Studio 15 series pack quite a punch too. It has a 15.6” High Definition LED display screen, 500GB hard drive, CD/DVD writer, webcam, Bluetooth, surround sound with subwoofer and everything else you need in a laptop. In case you’re wondering, it weighs 2.5kg.

Closer to home, Dell recently invited designers to submit their original designs and the contest is now in it’s voting stage. I think some of the designs totally rock! I would love to own one or two of these laptops. All the designs have personality and these are the two designs I like best!

This design by BoszCreations got my vote. I voted for this one because I love things that are Oriental influenced…

You too can vote for your favourite design before 12th February 2010 by clicking here. Do note that you would need to register before you can vote. It’s fast and hassle free to register and it took me a minute or so to get registered. Happy voting people!


  1. Wow, nice design, only if HP or some laptop skin company have such design too.

  2. I think they do. I saw some really nice skins on sale at NUS the other day. I want a koi on my netbook!


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