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Boy Bands!!

What was supposed to be a short nap, turned out to be a nice five hour dream marathon. I can't remember all the details but each dream was unique in it's own way. And no, I didn't have a wet dream. Not that I've ever anyway. Sad huh? A guy that has never had a wet dream. Booo hooo!!!

Anyway, one of my dreams gave me a ton of ideas for this internet reality show I'm supposed to do. I can't mention the title of the show because it'll give away too much. My agent will probably kick my ass! But I reckon it has the right concept and it'll be fun to do. I'll talk about this show when the time is right...

I'm packed with work next week. I'll be airbrushing from Tuesday right up to Saturday at Zouk, Shangri-La Hotel, Orchard Parade Hotel, Grand Copthorne, Sentosa and a photo shoot. Throw in filming two episodes for Skin Art on Wednesday too. It's nice to be busy with work. I love what I do and the people around me so I consider work fun. If only every week could be this busy...

Thanks to Dina (thank you babes!!!), I'll end a busy week watching the Backstreet Boys in concert at Suntec City. For those of you who don't know we well, I love boy bands! One would assume that a tattooed bloke would be head banging to heavy metal music. Well, you're wrong! I love slow rock but that's about it. My love for boy bands dates back to the Jackson 5 and The Supremes. I have the CD's of Westlife, Boyzone, the Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees (I have their autographs along with All Saints) and Boyz II Men.

I am totally looking forward to next week! Woot woot!!!


  1. i LOVE the new banner!

    p/s: how did you get their autographs?!

  2. My daughter said you're a REAL man to admit you like boy bands. Some guys would just deny this fact and I think that's more sissy.
    Woohoo Noel!

  3. I stalked them at their hotel! No lah!!!
    An ex-girlfriend helped me get their autographs =)

  4. Heh! Thanks for making me blush!
    Hugs to the family!!!

  5. Missed out your first sentence. The new banner was Ann's idea. She figured that a simple banner would be a good change. Glad you like it sis!

  6. I went through "pains" to get those tickets *lol* so you had better enjoy yourself this Sunday!!! Cant wait for you to blog about that! :-D

  7. your wife is a smart woman! it totally suits your writing style too.


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