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If and when you come down to the tattoo convention, I need you to do me a huge favour by showing some love to our local artists. There are 17 made-in-Singapore studios that need your support. Even if you decide not to get inked by them, pick up their name cards or stickers, chit chat a little and if you are really in a loving mood, buy one of their t-shirts. They've got some neat looking tees!

The 17 local studios are...

8 Volts Tattoo Studio
Art Addictive Tattoo
Body Décor Tattoo & Piercing
Dream Body Art
Elvin Tattoo
Exotic Tattoos
Fly Back Tattoo
Imagine Tattoo Studio
Ink-credible Tattoo Studio
IN's Tattoo
Kustoms 7 Tattoos
Marc Pinto's Primitive Tattoo
Shark Tattoo Studio
Skin Label Tattoo Studio
Think Tattoo
Visual Orgasm Tattoo
William Tattoo Studio


  1. There are too few tattoo shops in singapore, you should consider setup one more shop, to reach the ultimate goal of tattoo shops every where. Here is latest figures on shops from latest 2010 mighty minds street directory 2010 and from the internet

    Bank actual branches, excluding ATM machines
    DBS + POSB = 81
        West 14
        East 22
        South 23
        North 9
        Central 13
    OCBC = 53
        West 11
        East 16
        South 14
        North 6
        Central 6
    UOB = 57
        West 8
        East 16
        South 21
        North 5
        Central 7   

    Fast food
    7 - 11 has more than 300 branches
    Mcdondalds has 119 branches
        Novena to CBD area 31
        East 22
        Toa payoh to woodlands 30
        Tiong bahru to Boon Lay 25
        NE Sengkang/punggol 10
        Vivo city 1
    Burger king has 41 branches
    KFC has 74 branches
        Toa payoh to woodlands 22
        Bukit merah to vivo 6
        Bugis to pasir ris 21
        West 15
        CBD 10
    Long John silver has 31
        Tiong bahru to boon lay 6
        Toa payoh to woodlands 11
        East 4
        CBD 10
    Old chang kee has 64 branches
        Central 20
        South 20
        East 10
        West 14

    Bus interchange has 22, mostly located at town central only.
    Bus terminals has 19
    Cinema plex multiple has 31
    Community centres has 106
    Polytechnics has 5
    Junior colleges has 17
    Fire stations + fire post total 45, 19 fire station, 26 fire post
    Outdoor archery range has 4 only at zheng hua, punggol south, sembawang and telok blangah. 90m range.
    Libraries has 22
    Police posts + NPP + NCP about 150 , but a lot are closed in singapore
    Post loffice has 63
    Polyclinics has 18 , excluding hospitals. Polyclincs mostly located at town central only. A short ride away.
    Swimming complex public has 24
    Stadium has 19
    Sports complex + field has 45

  2. Supermarkets
    NTUC has 90
    Cold storage group has 86, cold storage 35, shop n save 49, jason's 2 (Raffles city and 1 other)
    Sheng siong supermarket has 23
        Toa payoh to woodlands 6
        South 3
        East 7
        West 7
        None in expensive rent cbd area

    Petrol stations
    Caltex 34
    Exxonmobile 68
    SPC 38
    Shell 65

    Based on this, can estimate that more than 50 branches means within walking distance e.g. McDonalds 119 7-11 >300 Shell 65 ExxonMobile 68 Community centre 106 DBS+POSB 81 UOB 57 OCBC 53 KFC 74 NTUC 90 Cold storage group 86 Post office 63
    Can estimate that a short ride away, even by bus is 18 to 35 branches e.g. polyclinic 18 bus interchange 22  swimming complex 24 library 22 cinemaplex 31 burger king 41 long john silver 31
    Can estimate that rare things need travel long distance e.g. archery outdoor range 90m 4 in sg, telok blangah, punggol, bukit panjang/choa chu kang, sembawang area

    Thus, if want tattoo shop to be every where, must have more than 50 shops in singapore.

  3. Lastly, can increase the posting size limit ? Each post max 3000 characters so I must split into 2 posts.


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