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Otzi the Iceman

In October, 1991, a five thousand year old tattooed man 'Otzi the Iceman' made the headlines of newspapers all over the world when his frozen body was discovered by two Austrian hikers in the Tyrolean Alps between Austria and Italy. He had apparently been hunting and was caught in a snowstorm as he tried to return home.

Otzi had a total of 57 tattoos. Among them were a cross on the inside of his left knee, six straight lines 15cm long above the kidneys and numerous parallel lines on his ankles. The position of the tattoos suggest they were done for therapeutic reasons (treatment of arthritis).

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  1. This is crazy! There are so many people that say tattoos are a relatively "new" thing that kids and adults are getting into.  This post and discovery (though it was a while ago) prove that statement to be false.  I am a person that has parents that don't approve of tattoos and think they are "harmful to your body" and distort images.  While I respect their opinion I can't wait to show them this post and see what they think. I have two tattoos, it would be nice for them to see them as art and a new way to express yourself.

  2. Hi Alex. You might find comfort knowing my parents were initially against tattoos. But they did get used to the fact that I was coming back with more and more ink. Now, they love watching Miami Ink and LA Ink.

    I've been reading up on history and tattoos for over a year and its amazing. They have dug up mummies in Egypt and some of them have tattoos too. I'll probably cover more of that in the next Tattoo Trivia post.

    Good luck with your folks Alex. I'm sure things will work in your favour in due time. :)


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