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The $50,000 donation is a joke!

Listed below are some of the many generous donations Haiti has received from celebrities...

Tiger Woods: $3 Million
Supermodel Gisele Bundchen: $1.5 Million
Sandra Bullock: $1 Million
Brangelina: $1 Million
George Clooney: $1 Million
Oprah Winfery: $1 Million
Lance Armstrong: $250,000
Madonna: $250,000
Alyssa Milano: $50,000

You've seen donations by the celebs. Now look at what some countries are giving...

The European Union: $474 million for emergency and long-term aid
United Kingdom: $100 million
Canada: $131.5 million
United States of America: $48 million
Brazil: $15 million and $210 million for long-term recovery aid
France: $14.4 million
Indonesia: $1 million
Morocco: $1 million

*all the above amounts are in US currency

I know we always say that no amount is too big or small when it comes to charity. But somehow, I was astonished to hear that Singapore donated US$50,000. Who the hell came up with that amount? My friend won more than that at TOTO balls! Maybe they forgot to add a zero in there...

After all, Singapore is the 5th wealthiest country in the world! And...our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong currently earns an annual salary of S$3,870,000 (US$2,037,168), making him the highest paid head of government in the world! OMG right?

Come on Singapore, surely you can do better!!!


  1. I got a shocked of my life when I saw the article.... What a biggest joke of all, huh!

  2. OMG! That amount is less than my annual income :S

  3. Willian, show off! =P

    my boss posted on facebook that he couldn't understand why people get so worked up that the government donated a mere $50k when the government does a lot for the less fortunate here. (right!)

    i think my boss fails to understand the true calamity that is happening there. the whole place is in ruins, the whole infrastructure is damaged and it is going to take an extremely long time to rebuild it. not to mention, speculation is that another earthquake of a higher magnitude will hit Haiti again. imagine that. i don't think Singaporeans know how to fathom the ill effects of a natural disaster. i know the people who sit behind their computer screens frowning at the article also couldn't be bothered to donate themselves. some of them are just all for show. it's so sad!

  4. Shaynne, 

    In this kind of calamity, I actually admire those who physically help out and volunteer at the scene rather than those celebrities, rich und famous who just sit in the comfort of their home to physical take out their pen and write on the check.

  5. William, got moolah give moolah, got muscles give muscles, that's how things are. Non-theless everyone do their part for the unfortunates.

  6. Why is everyone complaining? Did YOU donate $50, 000? Did YOU go over and personally help dig bodies out of the rubble? Hatians, and everyone else, should appreciate and admire ANY help that is given, not complain that it isn't enough.

  7. If I had that amount of money, I would have. For the record, I have donated to the Red Cross. It's what I could afford and I'm glad I did.

    We all know that the Singapore government could have done more. That is my beef about the 50k donation.I will not admire the sum Singapore donated because there is simply nothing to admire. I think it was more of them donating because of face value...

    On the other hand, if they had given more, they might have gotten stick from a different bunch of people. But I still think that they should have donated more...

    If I was allowed to go to Haiti and help, I would have. So would have many other people I personally know. But the local aid agencies weren't taking in anyone that isn't trained...

  8. Just one question: Singapore is the 5th wealthiest country in the world?? where did you get that ? 

  9. They mentioned it on an Asia special on CNBC some months ago. It's also on wikipedia. Here's the link Joe:

  10. yes, indeed, any amount donated should be deemed a good amount. afterall its the "thought that counts", right?
    however, i dont think "admired" is the right term. "appreciated", yes.

    but, i suppose its also fair to say that when we compare the amount Singapore donated against what is contributed by the other nations, it is quite, errrmm..."embarrassing", for lack of a better word. come on, i'm sure everyone can admit this. that THIS was their first thought upon learning of the amt we donated. =)

    HOWEVER. i guess there's no pleasing anyone, and way to determine what IS the "right amount". if we had donated more, perhaps the citizens would have also given the govt flak for "caring" so much for another nation when the money could be given to its own people. kinda like UK is getting grief for donating 100million, when its own people are not being "taken cared of".

    but at the end of it, my standpoint is still, YES, singapore could have done more.

  11. Its 5th in term of GDP per capita... which is also arguable, its definitely not the 5th wealthiest country. S$3.5k average income per household after-al.... not very high.

  12. Hmm, a wealth of a country is generally made using the GDP. Or at least that was what I learnt. But hey, I'm happy Singapore is financially strong...

    The average income per household is high if we look at Asia on the whole. But outside Asia, it's not as high as you pointed out Joe. My friends who left this country to lead a new life in Australia are living it up!

    What do you think of the $50,000 Singapore donated?


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