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What's round with a nipple each?

Since we (ok maybe not we) were talking about breasts in the earlier post, I decided to post some funny images I found while searching for pictures for that post. I hope to god I won't get another email from this women activist group in the States. There's a difference between worshiping breasts and degrading women. I WORSHIP BREASTS!!!


  1. LOL. i especially love the one about Nun's having tits too! LOL LOL LOL. If all nun's had knockers like that, im sure the priests would have a hard time staying true to god! LOL

  2. -gags-

    titty overload!!!

    but yeah the nun one takes the cake. and she had the nicest tits too!

  3. Cheryl: Hahaha...I love it too! I thought some people would be offended. Oh well...

    There wouldn't be any priests if we had nuns like her. Heck, I'll go back to church in an instant!

    Shyanne: Hahaha...I went to sleep thinking of tits!

    William: I bet you do!

  4. Bro...your head looks like half a tit soon except with spikes...hahaha


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