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48 hours!!!

Finally after more than 48 hours, the Skin Art banner that you saw before reading this post is working!!! This was the first and last time I'll ever do anything with Flash. It's a pain in the bloody arse!

If not for the generous amount of boobs and booty on this Baywatch movie yesterday afternoon, I would have lost my freaking mind! Yes, breasts have this magical effect on me. If one day I'm in a coma (touch wood), get a nice looking woman with one hell of a rack to rub her tits all over my face! I'll be up in an instant!

Another problem with this blog that took me over two days to solve was this 'rounded corners' that I had at the top and bottom of my posts (that's main-wrapper for the web savvy). For some idiotic reason, my posts and sidebars weren't aligned. I tried every bloody solution online and nothing worked. After so many hours of trying to fix the damn thing, I stumbled on a website this morning that had a tiny little code that didn't quite look like it would work. Guess what? IT DID! Do you know how retarded that makes me feel???

I think I've had enough of looking at my computer for today. I might post again later in the day if I have the time. Later folks!!!


  1. Congrats!!! Finally you managed to solved your Adobe Flash banner problem.

  2. i'm sure that code was NOT < tits >

    and i thought the acting got waaay better when they were struggling to stay alive on the island.

    and my, my. guys aren't the only ones who get eye candy on baywatch okay! i remember having the biggest crushes on JD and Sean.

    those men are smokin' fine... -daydreams-

  3. Thanks William!!

    Shyanne, it isn't?? They have t-shirts like these on Cafepress.

    Yeah, the acting got better later in the movie. But the movie was shot on a cheap budget. That would explain the cheap effects and badly done stunts.

    Hahaha...the guys were hot? I only remember the Hoff. The women were too distracting!


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