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OMG! I'm Sorry!!!!!!!!

Ok, I admit I'm a dickhead. I logged on to Twitter and I clicked this tab that's labeled '@noelboyd'. Now I didn't know this tab existed in the first place! What did I see when I clicked '@noelboyd'?? A whole bunch of replies to my tweets that friends have been sending since I joined Twitter and direct messages too.

To those that have sent me messages on Twitter, I'm really SORRY I didn't reply! I honestly thought it'll be like Facebook or Myspace where they'll send you an email notification. with message I get. It's pretty obvious that they don't. Durh!

I sure hope you guys don't think I'm rude or anything like that. I'm just a blur idiot! I used to think some folks were just plain rude when they didn't reply to my tweets. Well, apparently they did!

I'm guessing its too freaking late to reply to any of these messages. Damn it!!!!!! Can we just go back to snail mail? Life was nice and simple back then...


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