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Mr. Webcam

We toyed with my laptop's camera for the first time yesterday. I've had this laptop for the past two years but I haven't had any use for it till yesterday. A few years ago, some friends used to call me "Mr Webcam" thanks to this girl. But let's not get into that...

Anyhow, my wife and I didn't use the webcam for anything kinky. Instead, we got some pretty funny pictures...


  1. The images are sharp and clear. But still... I hate Acer products.

  2. I'm surprised at how clear it is too. The Acer webcam is called 'Crystal Eye'. Pretty cool huh?

    I downloaded this software that allows me to record videos using the webcam too.

    When I think webcams, I think homemade porn. Hahahaha...

  3. Love that first picture too- it's sooo cute it almost looks touched up.

  4. Hi Susan! Nah, I left the pictures the way it was. I keep clicking from start to end. The last time round, I had over a hundred lousy pics and less than 10 good ones =)


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