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Sore & Aching

Hello folks! I'm back from my serving my country. After five long days in Nee Soon camp, my army uniform and equipment will occupy the store room once again. What was supposed to be a low key In-camp Training (ICT), the 'lovely' people at MINDEF turned it into a high key ICT. They packed everything we were supposed to do in the span of 2 weeks into 5 days! Awesome planning huh?

During the course of my ICT, I had to film two episodes of Skin Art and airbrush at Zouk & Raffles Marina. So yeah, work left me completely exhausted! Good thing is I slept in for most of today and we'll probably only leave home for dinner later in the evening.

You know, I did my Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) on Tuesday. The IPPT is an annual fitness test conducted by the Singapore Armed Forces and various other uniformed groups. Now, I didn't prepare or train for this IPPT test and the last time I went for a jog was 3 freaking years ago! Nonetheless, I took the damn test and failed my 2.4km run by 43 seconds. Imagine that! 43 fucking seconds faster and I would have gotten $100 from the army!!!!

I passed every damn station except for the stupid run. Now that really sucks big time. Need I even mention that every inch of my body has been aching since Tuesday? I reckon I have 6 months to book my remedial training. I'm so not looking forward to that crap....

Me needs to stone for a bit before we head out. Enjoy the weekend and stay safe!


  1. welcome back bro..maybe you should have imagine some ugly bitch or a drag queen from changi chasing you. that might just had gotten your ass moving faster...wahahaha. by the way you had a post about the MDA on tattoo thingy..they showed a segment on tattoos on get real.

  2. Hahahahaha...I kept thinking of my son throughout the IPPT. But after 5 minutes into the run, I was praying to god that I wouldn't die. Sure felt like I was about too!

    Hmm, CNA filmed at this studio the day before us. Apparently, tattoos are ok for Singapore made shows if the message that's put across is more negative than positive. I didn't catch Get Real but I hear that episode was about folks who regret getting inked. Did you watch that episode bro?

  3. Yup I the way when & where is your show gonna air?

  4. Oh ok, how was the show?
    My show Skin Art, will air in January 2010. Don't have the exact date yet. You'll be able to catch it on


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