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Humid Sunday

I had to pull-out of the Uniquely Singapore tour yesterday because of work commitments. It's such a pity cos I was really looking forward to it. Work had to come first as always. From the many pictures I've seen on various blogs, everyone had fun on the tour. Good job Nuffnang!

Talking about work, SOL Beer has extended my contract for another 12 months. That means I'll get to enjoy Mambo @ Zouk, drink loads of SOL Beer and endure the sex talk that goes on in the artist dressing room! You'll be surprised to know that it's the women that are talking about sex from the get-go! Right Shyanne?!

Filming for our tattoo show has been fun. I like working with the girls from Since this is the first time I'm hosting a show on camera, every shoot is a learning experience. At the very least, I hope I'll look natural when the show airs in January 2010.

My 5 day ICT (army reservist) training starts tomorrow. I completely forgot about it balls! I'll look for my boots, helmet, uniforms and all the other junk when I officially get out of bed. I sure as hell am looking forward to seeing the boys again. With the exception of getting 'charged' for not doing my IPPT and RT last year, it should be fun!

Enjoy the rest of this humid Sunday and I might post again later...


  1. alamak bro..yr reservist not yet over huh...wahaha..enjoy the sun

  2. RIGHT.

    it won't be the same without Vincent though.

    i hope the next golden boy is as nice.

  3. I think I love your blog! - Amanda W.

  4. Shyanne: I sure miss Vincent! It wasn't the same without him! If only Karen was around too!

    Gen: Hey babes!!!! Yeah man. If Karen was around on Wednesday, the girls would have gone on and on about sex! Let's see what happens next month....

    Amanda W: Awww thanks Amanda! I hope that's a good thing. =)


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