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Singapore Prison Advertisements

This image is actually saved as 'ecards-taboo' on Singapore Prison's website.

And we wonder why tattoos are stereotyped in Singapore! How about having a leopard print clad chick holding a bunch of credit cards with text that says "Beware of Theft" for the next advertisment? That would be wrong won't it?!


  1. hey dude!!! how u doing? neway, great idea u got there man...tell them!!! they might be cheeky & just do it. it'll be BOOMZ

  2. well i would say that that full back tattoo is quite nicely done ... hehehehehe .. and next .. i would say the YELLOW RIBBON PROJECT that target to give ex-offenders a second chance in life is a complete failure ... they are still on a biased view by employers ... and the most important thing .. KEEP TATTOOS OUT OF THE PICTURE !!! any tom, dick and harry who wants to commit crimes need not have and need not to be tattooed .. TATTOOS ARE A FORM OF ART, JUST THAT ITS ON THE SKIN AND NOT ON CANVAS .. when gangs before have tattoos are a way for them to recognise themselves and the gangs they are from .. you expect them to issue membership cards just like country clubs rite !!! .. so STOP PUTTING GANGSTERISM WITH MODERN ARTY TATTOOS .. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzz !!

  3. Wassup Atot!! I'm doing alright. What idea are you talking about?

    Eddy, I totally agree. Mas Selamat, Nick Leeson and TT Durai don't have tattoos. I doubt Ris Low has tattoos either. So yeah!

  4. I totally agree, that advert is fucked up! I asked my mum if she would think i'm an "ah lian" if i get a tattoo. She said "tattoos are for bad people what, i don't see how artistic it is when young people like you get tattoos".

    Gotta agree that some really-ugly ones that looks somewhat trying-to-be-fierce etc makes tattoos kinda "bad peopleish".

    Anyway, managed to convince her to a point that if the tattoo is well done and beautiful its not considered "bad people"...

  5. Hey babes!!! How are you?
    Hmm, try showing her some cool looking tattoos. There are loads of them online and I guess you could start with tattoos of animals.

    Old people come from a time where only gangsters had tattoos. And they also saw the CID clamp down on tatts too.

    I've met many people who remarked that Miami Ink & LA Ink changed their perception of tattoos. That's an awesome thing. =)

  6. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?

  7. Hello Russia! Which post are you referring to? Go ahead and quote any post. If possible, give me the permalink to that post so I can take a look =)


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