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WWE Street Team

I applied to be part of the WWE International Street Team a month ago and I've been waiting to hear from them ever since. To be honest, I didn't think I'd have much of a chance. After all, I read from a wrestling forum that they were gonna choose one person per country. In my application form, I gave my honest opinion of their product and I told them why I'm such a big fan.

At 12.22 this morning, I received the following via email...
Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the WWE Street Team Program.

While we recognize the positive qualities you possess, and we appreciate the time you have invested in the application process, we have already filled the positions for your country.

However, we will keep your name on file and will let you know as soon as any positions become available.

Man, I would be lying if I told you I wasn't sad. I was totally bummed out! I used the word 'was' because...I received the following at 2.35am...
Hello Street Team Members,

Please be aware that you are in fact a WWE Street Team Member!! If you received a second email indicating that you were not please disregard it.

Sorry for any confusion.

- WWE Street Team
After which, I got another email from World Wrestling Entertainment...



Man oh man! I'm super stoked!!! I'm representing Singapore in the WWE Universe! If it wasn't almost five in the freaking morning, I'd head out for a celebratory beer!! I'm gonna smile myself to sleep. Thanks WWE!

ps: WWE Street Team members don't get paid to monitor WWE programs and in-program promotions, give feedback on their announce teams and overall quality of their programming. But we get a variety of insider perks, such as VIP tickets, Superstar meet-and-greets, autographed and exclusive merchandise and much more! That's something money can't buy!


  1. Congratulations!!! THAT must be awesome! It has been a great year for the family. Good things come to good people.

  2. Thanks Uni. It really is awesome. It's so big for me that I can't believe that I've been selected. I've been a fan of the WWE since I was a small boy. So yeah, I was so excited I didn't sleep till 8 in the morning!

    This year and the year before has been an incredible year for Ann, Drayden and myself. At the very least, we've been smiling a lot =)

  3. Oh damn! That is such an honor. You must be over the moon! Congrats on being the sole representative of WWE in your country. I applied as well but it looks like I didn't get through. I'm from Poland by the way.

  4. Thanks Chrris! Big love to Poland! Hang in there aite...Those that didn't get through are on the waiting list. Who knows what might happen. =)

  5. Congrats man! I'm from the Philippines by the way and like you, I've been selected to represent my country for the Street Team. I did not really thought I'd be selected, but being a part of it really makes me a proud Filipino WWE fan! Cheers to us!

    ps. I wonder what premium items / WWE merchandize are we gonna get?

  6. Hello Ace! It's a pleasure and honour to meet another member of the WWE Street Team. Do you have a blog or Facebook account?

    I'm hoping we'll get a cool exclusive WWE Street Team t-shirt. I'll wear it with pride man!!!

  7. Hey bro, here's an amazing update!
    I just received this morning my first reward as part of the WWE Street Team, pics would be uploaded later, its a set of WWE Street Team white polo-shirt (which is quite oversized)and a nice black baseball cap with the Street Team logo embroidered in it. I was so stunned to see it arrive. That's all for now!

  8. Well, WWE has more than 1 member from every country.. I know at least 3 from India (including me) and 3 from Pakistan.

  9. Hello India!!! There's another Street Team member from Singapore and her name is Sharon. She attended Summerslam. Boy do I envy her!!!

  10. so there can only be one from each country? if it is then thats bullshit

    1. It depends where you're from. The size of the country does matter. For Singapore, there are two street team members...

  11. Replies
    1. My bet would be there are one or two members per state of Australia.

  12. so i can apply successfully?

    1. I don't know if there is an opening but no harm trying. Best of luck!


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