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A recap of my Wednesday and Thursday

I'm gonna do this as fast as I can so I can head to dreamland...

On Wednesday, The Tattoo Boutique and I were at St James Power Station to airbrush at a Universal Music Singapore event. It was nice to meet the team of Alan, Hazel and Fristene from Universal. Also, it was nice to chit-chat with my old friend Sebastian from Power 98FM after so many years. When I say years, I really mean years! Both of us attended the first ever Mediacorp Radio's Radio Academy (RA). If my memory serves me right, that was back in 2001!

I'll like to thank Gordon and Mary Mala from St James Power Station for the hospitality that was shown throughout the event. I've airbrushed at St James on five occasions and each time I'm there, I leave thinking nothing but good things about them. Seriously, St James is in a class of it's own. Go have a drink or lots of drinks at a club of your choice at St James sometime soon yeah!

Yesterday was all about running all over town and Thomson. Thankfully, time worked in our favour for once. Drayden was a good boy all day and my wife was a joy to be with. It's not like she isn't a joy to be with everyday but women are women! Alright...enough said!

If you have not watched Michael Jackson perform live, I suggest you buy MJ's 'Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour' DVD before you head home today. After watching the concert earlier this morning, I now know why 100,000 fans packed the venue like a can of sardines. There's not an artist on this god's given planet that can come remotely close to the King of Pop. And that says a lot about the late Michael Jackson.

Alright folks, it's about time I call it a night. I'm airbrushing at Meritus Mandarin later in the evening. I'll blog again real soon. Take care, hugs and love to all! Thanks for reading =)


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