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Scumbag Policemen!

I wanted to come on and blog about my day and the awesome weekend we had. But all that changed when I watched this video that was sent via email. It's a five minute video of the Malaysian police behaving like hooligans. Hell, they were worse than that. There isn't a name for these scumbags.

I don't understand how a person could get beaten up by so many cops in a police station and not a single good policeman came to his rescue. It sure says a lot doesn't it?! Not forgetting the swine that used his mobile phone to video the ordeal. I don't care if the man did something extremely bad. Nobody deserves to be treated like an animal. If any of these low life policemen had balls, they would have taken on this dude one-on-one.

Crap man, this video ruined my evening. PIGS!!!

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