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Nothing but IMAGES!

My article in Mother & Baby magazine (page 44)

My article in Mother & Baby magazine (page 45)

Rohan on the pony ride

That's William on the extreme right...

Little Nyla with Ann

My wife Ann, myself and Drayden

Vic from Australia

Oh man...she's a darling. Gonna miss Zara when she goes back...

I love this shot of Vic and Dylan


  1. Why does my cheek look so fat in the photo :(

  2. William, pictures don't lie!!!! Hahahahaha...

    Shyanne, I'm this close to buying you a copy of the mag!!! Grrr....

  3. hey bro, you and ant's pose in the last pic is priceless la! wonder what y'all were talking about...

    ann: honey, no more beers for you!
    noel: what?! are you insane?!

  4. Hahaha...I can't remember balls! There's this other picture that was taken at the zoo that is priceless! I might post it sometime soon =)


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