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ocean/pools: Ocean. Nothing beats chilling out by the ocean with a case of beer.
cats/dogs: Cats anytime!
coke/pepsi: Coke!!
summer/winter: Winter cos this country is too damn hot!
sugar/salt: Salt, Salt, Salt!
pen/pencil: Pen
silver/gold: Silver
ketchup/mustard: Mustard
pants/shorts: Shorts
math/art: Art
sunrise/sunset: Sunset. I ain't awake when it's sunrise...
Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate, SLURP!!
Big Mac/Whopper: Whopper
Beer/Wine: BEER
Coffee/Tea: Coffee goes real well with my cigarettes.
Apple Juice/Orange Juice: Apple Juice
Facebook/Myspace: Facebook
Boxers/Briefs: Boxers
Rain/Shine: Rain. I love rainy days...
Chips/Popcorn: Popcorn
Plane/Boat: Plane
Walk/Drive: Walk. I can't drive...
Movie/Play: Movie
Money/Love: Money
Breakfast/Dinner: Dinner
Truth/Dare: Dare
Contacts/Glasses: Glasses
Root Beer/Dr. Pepper: Root Beer (A&W of course!)
Mud/Jell-O wrestling: Errr...mud? Only if there's naked women involved!
Skiing/Boarding: Boarding
Diamond/Pearl: Diamonds are nice...
Phone/in person: In Person
Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: Youngest

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