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Have I Ever

Swam in freezing water: Yep! In Sentosa naked!!
Jumped off a house: No, why would I do something like that?
Been attacked: Yep! By freaking bees!!!
Been on a plane: But of course! Durh!
Gotten injured: All the freaking time!
Bungee jumped: No and I will never!
White water rafted: Once in Malaysia. It was pretty cool.
Pulled an all-nighter: One too many times...
Broken a bone: Do fractures count??
Lied about your age: Yes
Been in a hot air balloon: Nope
Surfed: I learnt to surf in Bali. The best part, I can't swim and I was drunk!
Stolen anything?: Yes *sssssh*
Been drunk before noon?: Yes
Had sex in a public place?: Yes
Got caught telling a lie?: Yes
Got a speeding ticket: No
Littered: Yes
Fantasized about a co-worker: Yes
Cheated on a test: Yes
Failed a class: Yes
Screened your phone calls: Yes
Eaten food off the floor?: Yes
Stuck gum under a desk: Oh god yes!
Wished you were someone else: No
Cried during a movie: Yes
Had a one night stand?: Yes

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