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Jul 11, 2009

Tattoo on Penis Saves Man

Yup! You read the title right. Who would have thought a tattoo on a penis would save a man from time behind bars?! At least this tattoo was worth all the pain...Mega OUCH man!!!

A MAN accused of flashing on a train walked free from court yesterday — because he has a lizard tattoo on his manhood.

Forklift driver Barry Kenny, 28, was accused of drunkenly waving his willy at a female guard.

But she never mentioned seeing any distinguishing marks during the incident on a Newcastle to Hartlepool service.

Barry was prepared to show the two-inch tattoo of “Larry” to Hartlepool JPs — but the exposure charge was dropped.

His solicitor Vicky Lamballe said there was a “very real identity” issue.

Barry, who had been with pals, said outside court that one of his mates had flashed.

Wife Nikki, 26, said: “That tattoo probably saved his skin.”

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