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The Michael Jackson Memorial

I wanted to blog after watching Michael Jackson's memorial live on CNN on Wednesday morning. Hard as I tried, I couldn't put my thoughts into words. My wife was first on the laptop and she did a pretty nice post on the Baby Boyd Blog. I on the other hand, was busy drafting a post on my mobile phone. I gave up at five in the morning and headed to dreamland.

A little over an hour ago, a good friend of mine sent a text message asking why haven't I blogged about the memorial. Quite frankly, I still don't know what to say other than it was beautiful. It really was! I think Usher's performance was fantastic, Mariah Carey's vocals were as good as ever and little Shaheen Jafargholi will be a huge star someday if he stays on the right path.

But the person that sounded the best was this Asian looking lady that sang Heal The World. I'm sure millions of people were wondering who she is. Well folks, her name is Judith Hill and she was supposed to be one of the backup singers for Jackson’s This Is It! concerts at London’s O2 Arena. She has fantastic vocals and you can visit her official website by clicking here.

Journalists the world over have had their say about the memorial. An editor of The Sun described it as a "macabre circus". I thought that was disrespectful. The memorial was for the family, friends and fans. As long as these people are happy, that's all that matters...

You know when Eddie Guerrero and Steve Irwin died, I was devastated. I adored and loved both these men and their deaths came as a shock. I was emotional for quite a bit and I still miss them so much. The best part? I don't know either man personally. I have never met nor spoken to them. I did however spend countless hours watching Eddie and Steve do what they do best. Entertain! So yeah, I can relate to MJ's fans. It's horrible to lose someone you love and look up to. The only consolation we have is that person is in a far better place. Heaven has a brand new angel. R.I.P Michael!


  1. I'm MJ fan... Dunno why his death strike me hard. Quite hard to accept it.

    Despite so much of thing about him, he is still an idol in my heart. A true King of Pop in this music industry forever.


  2. I hope you are alright bro...

    I think most of the negative stuff we hear about him isn't true. Like I've said many times, we can choose what we believe and don't. I think the latter would be a better choice. =)


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