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Sweat and more sweat!

I reckon I lost a few kilos walking around the bird park and zoo the past two days. Yesterday was one bloody hot day to be out and about! I always love going to the zoo. My son Drayden is now more aware of the things around him. His favourite animals are monkeys (mostly because they resemble his mom), elephants and animals that live in the water.

We had 5 children with us at the zoo. It was like a freaking circus! It's always nice to see children happy and I'm darn sure they love the zoo.

The Singapore Zoo is a beautiful place. It's a gem that Singaporeans can be very proud of. The keepers work extremely hard to ensure the zoo is as great as it is 365 days a year!

I have an event at Zouk later tonight. Gotta go prep and pack my stuff. I'll post pics of the zoo and bird park trip soon. Have a great Wednesday!

Reminder to all: My column in the Mother & Baby magazine is available at all major newsstands. Get your copy today!


  1. It's always fun to go out to such places with kids especially. lol

    I gotten the copy last week and read your article liao! =)

  2. where the hell did that monkey comment about Ann come from?!

    hahahhaa... slap out of nowhere sia...

  3. Hey Boon! Thanks for buying the mag. Hope you liked the article. We just got back from another long day out. Shagged man bro!!!

    Shyanne!!! I'm still waiting for you to reply!!! wife is a monkey! You disagree? =)

  4. i'm not even gonna bother!
    you just wait, BOYD.
    i'll get you one day, WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT!
    its been a while since i shame you on my baby blog!
    i feel another "circle cross" entry coming!


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