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IGNITE!, Fatskunks and more...

Man oh man! I've not blogged since Thursday. I do have a good reason though. I've been busy working!! On Friday and Saturday, we were at Republic Polytechnic for the Ignite Music Festival 2009. We had Cheryl and Naresh work with us for the first time. Welcome onboard guys! Not forgetting the lovely Shyanne too!

(from left to right: Naresh, Cheryl, Shyanne & I)

I've got to GIVE IT UP to a band called Fatskunks. Damn did they sound good!!! I appreciate a good dose of reggae anytime any day. Fatskunks gets my vote as the best band at Ignite. Just to show how much I like them, I will post some videos of the band on this blog over the next couple of days...

Seeing the emcees (especially Don Richmond) on stage at the music festival kind of reignited an old passion of mine. I've been thinking of going back to emceeing for awhile now. It's just something I miss doing. Somehow, it does feel like it's about time. However, I would want to co-host events instead of going solo. It'll be fun to have company on stage and if the chemistry is right, guests will get a kick-ass show!

The only problem is that I don't have my old emcee tapes. I threw everything out when I left the industry a few years ago. Too late for regrets right?! Grrr...

Alright, I'm gonna enjoy what's left of this rainy day. We were at the Bird Park earlier today in the rain and we're visiting the zoo tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn't rain!!!!!!!!

I'll leave you with the sweet reggae sound of FATSKUNKS! Have a good one folks and stay safe!


  1. hey dude!

    a friend alerted me to your entry. Thank you so much for the kind words! We had a lotta fun at Ignite and we're glad we entertained the crowd including you!

    Hope to see you again soon in our future gigs! :D

    oooh and nice inkings man..if only i could have em tattoos!hehe


    PS: You can go to our reverbnation page and download a free song from the EP. We played it at Ignite, it's called Revolutionista!

  2. Thanks bro! You should have come by our booth at Ignite. We were doing airbrush tattoos.

    I was trying to find a web page that has your band info. Thanks for the link!

    You guys were really good. It's hard to find a local band that can play good reggae. I used to listen to Bushmen at Fat Frog (substation) years back. And listening to ya'll at Ignite brought back awesome memories...

    Lemme know when your gigs are and I'll post them on this blog. I could put up banners or something to hype the gig. I'll come down with my wife if I can. Till then, take care and see ya'll real soon...


    definitely the highlight of ignite.

    Izaar, next time throw CDs further out okay? was shouting my lungs out for you guys but you threw out into the audience. hahahaha...

  4. Noel: thank you so much Bro..haha wanted to stop by but had to rush to another place after that.

    Yes, Bushmen will always be our idols and we hope to carry the torch one day. Those guys are still rockin it out at HRC now. Respect!

    we are on facebook too bro, you can look for us there too :)

    we've got something coming up late august at Esplanade's Outdoor Theatre. Will update ya!

    shyanne: those lung bursting screams were yours?? lol..awww..sorry i didn't throw far enough. will keep that in mind! :P

    thank you so mch for liking the stuff we play! we appreciate it!

  5. Izaar: Is Syed still with Bushmen. For awhile I heard he went to Australia. And then I heard that Bushmen are performing at HRC's across Asia...

    I've added ya'll on Facebook bro.

    Lemme know about the Esplanade gig. I'll see ya'll there for sure!

  6. Eh, I've an upcoming interview with Fatskunks.

    Will let you know about that when it's up.

  7. That's cool to hear. What's the interview for?

  8. hey bro! long time no see!
    hope all is well with you :)

    just a note, am now singing for Bushmen too apart from Fatskunks. HRC reggae nite every first Sundays of the month and also HRC Resorts World Sentosa every second Sunday.


  9. Hey! Wassup bro!!!
    All is good on my end. Hope all is good with you.

    Haven't heard about Bushmen in a long while. Its cool you're playing with them now. Will try to come by one of these Sundays. Been way too long since I heard Reggae live.

    We need a reggae pub in Singapore! I used to chill at this reggae bar in Bali and just stone out every damn day. Hahaha. Good times indeed...


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