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A Little Something...

Since we are halfway through this month, I think it's time to let ya'll in on a little something. Ok, it might be a little something for you but it's big for me. The reason why I didn't mention this sooner is because I didn't want to shoot myself in my foot. It sucks to announce something and then realize that it ain't gonna happen. Trust me, I sulk every time that happens!

I understand the magazine has gone into print so there is no way it ain't gonna happen. Unless the printing company burns down...Hmmm...Bad thought bad thought!!!! I'm sure MediaCorp has more than one printing company right? They are a huge organization after all!

What in the blue moon am I getting at?! Well, yours truly is now a columnist for Mother & Baby Magazine. Mother & Baby by MediaCorp Publishing is the Singapore edition of the award-winning and internationally renowned pregnancy, baby and toddler magazine.

The plan for now is to write an article every two months or so. I lend my voice as a father to the magazine and I share my experiences (most of them funny). If their readers chuckle, then I win. If fathers can relate to my diaper mishaps and stories, I will be a very happy man!

So yeah folks, look out for the August issue of Mother & Baby magazine. It hits newsstands islandwide at the end of the month!


  1. I'm a fan of yours, can I have free copy of the mag?

  2. That's nice bro, good to hear!

  3. wah steady lah dude!!! so can i have a free copy too with autograph??? muahhahahaa

  4. so first issue finally gone to print?


    i'll definitely buy and read.

    catch up soon! need to pass you some stuff for dray.

  5. r u going to write something about me wuss?

  6. No!!! The whole point is to buy a copy!!!

    Anonymous: Thanks anonymous brudder!

    Atot: Heee...Don't say that lah babe! See...I don't know what else to say!!!

    Shyanne: Yeah babe! I'm super stoked! I'll text you later in the evening...

    remy: A filthy whore like you belongs in QR Magazine. Go google 'QR Magazine' now!

  7. hey u're rude, like when you didn't reply pple's text type of rude...wuss

  8. hey how u know about QR magazine? hmmmmmm

  9. Congrats, Noel. That is terrific tho... how does it get started?

  10. Hey Boon! They contacted me a few months ago asking if I wanted to write for them. The money is good and it's good exposure too. So yeah, I couldn't say no.

    Plus I get to interview other daddies and review some cool products. All in all, I am a very happy man. =)

  11. Noel- thats good wor.

    I also want leh! LMAO =P


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