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Just Wondering...

Here's something I don't understand. It's been reported that Michael Jackson became a Muslim in 2007. If that's so, shouldn't his body be buried by now? My understanding is that an Islamic funeral should be done as soon as possible without the need of embalming the body. It sure looks like they are done with the second autopsy and his body is being kept at the mortuary till the massive funeral arrangements are sorted out.

If you are a Muslim, I have a question for you...Must a Muslim be buried quickly or is there room to wait? The reason I asked is because I've had a few Muslims friends that have died and their bodies were buried the following day. I'm just wondering if it's an Islamic law or a ritual...

Let's talk about happy things shall we? Perez Hilton getting punched in the face is a happy thought! That's exactly what Perez (real name Mario Armando Lavandeira) got! Let's just call him Mario in this post. Perez is too fancy a name for this moron. If you haven't heard, Mario was clocked in the eye by band's manager Polo Molina for disrespecting Black Eye Pea's frontman Mario used a word that I won't mention here. It's a six letter word that starts with the letter 'F' and ends with the letter 'T'.

If that's not bad enough, Mario posted an article shortly after Michael Jackson had gone into cardiac arrest. He claimed that it was a publicity stunt and urged fans to get their money back!

If there was an award for the most annoying son of a bitch walking this planet, Mario Armando Lavandeira would win the award hands down! Kudos to Polo Molina for a job well done!

Later this evening, I will be a studio guest for an episode on RAZORTV. It should be fun! It's a half an hour segment about nice girls finishing last and I'll do my very best not to look like a goon on internet tv!

I've gotta go...later folks!


  1. Being a malay i'm not too sure myself. I think it's more of a tradition rather than a law. But did you hear about Michael's 15k gold coffin? I don't know if you know but Muslims burials are done without the coffin. As in the body is wrapped in cloth and buried...

  2. ASAP burial is good, coz the body is not embalmed or anything, so the faster the better. i think it's really to minimise handling, so as not to cause the corpse any further pain (dead, but not really, you know what i mean?). kinda perplexed over the MJ thing too...but since his family are not muslims, guess that's why. Rest In Peace MJ

  3. Hi Shidah, I heard about the coffin. That's one hell of an expensive box. But I guess he does deserve to go off in style huh? James Brown had a gold coffin too...

    Hey Roz! I get a better picture now. I understand that crying is discouraged from Muslim funerals too.

    His brother Jermaine is Muslim too. MJ became a Muslim after Jermaine's trip to Mecca.

    So yeah, it's either he will be buried a Jehovah's Witness or a Muslim. Either way, I hope he has found happiness...


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