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What's next for Liverpool F.C?

Once again, RAFA BENITEZ will come head to head with club owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett. Benitez has a job to do and the American duo have never made it easy. To win the Premiership, you need to have the top players that money can buy. Just look at Chelsea and Manchester United! Both have invested in their teams and they have seen results.

We came extremely close to winning the premiership. I love how the squad is and all they need is a little fine tuning. When I read that the club have until July 24th to restructure the £350million agreement which resulted in a crippling £42.6m loss last year, I totally flipped!!!

How is Rafa suppose to strengthen the squad when the club's transfer dealings are now restricted?! Or is he suppose to sell key players Alonso to Real Madrid and Mascherano to Barcelona to raise his transfer budget? That wouldn't make any sense when the purpose is to strengthen the squad and NOT LOSE KEY PLAYERS.

I sincerely and honestly feel that a club like Liverpool truly deserve better owners. We need an owner that loves and understands football. It does get frustrating when you see teams like Manchester City go on a shopping spree. Yeah, I'm a jealous bitch! But can you blame me?

Hopefully the situation improves soon and we can put up a good fight in the next season.

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