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It's weird how HOT Singapore is these days!!! If this is what global warming is all about, then it's gonna get a lot hotter! The heat on Saturday was beyond bearable. It was like living in a freaking oven! I'm praying for lotsa rain over the next few days. Even that may not help...

Seriously, what's up with the H1N1 infected dude that took the MRT train to the clinic?! I give him credit for isolating himself in a hotel. That was good thinking on his part. One can tell that he truly does care for his family. But to take the damn train when he knew at the back of his mind that he may be infected with the H1N1 virus?! This lone individual put hundreds if not thousands of commuters at risk. Hopefully he'll be able to explain himself to the press one day and we can all stop cursing him!

To an extent, the H1N1 does worry me. As an airbrush tattoo artist, I come into contact with at least a hundred people at any given event. Over the weekend, I was airbrushing at the Jurong Bird Park. I met tourists that have flown in from all parts of the world, expats that have returned from business trips and Singaporeans. We have discussed the possibility of wearing a N95 particulate respirator face mask at events but it's something I'm against for now. It just doesn't look good for business. End of the day, I want our airbrush operation to run smoothly. I want people to come to us for that kick-ass airbrush tattoo. I'm not saying people won't come to us if we are wearing masks. It just doesn't look nice! But if the situation does become worse, then I might make it mandatory for myself and my staff to wear the N95 mask.

I'm gonna have late lunch and reply to some emails. Keep smiling and don't let the Monday blues get you down!

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