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Bad Celebrity Tattoos

Even celebrities sometimes have to modify their tattoos. Take Jordan for example. She recently crossed out her husband's name on her arm. And then there is Pamela Anderson, Johnny Depp, Mel B, etc...

To read about these celebs and their tattoos, visit The Sun Online!


  1. Now thats why we don't get names tatted on us!!

    Wait, I have a name on me too...

  2. Hahahaha...I almost got one a few years ago. Thank god I didn't. I was dating a slut!!!

    How many tatts do you have Evan?

  3. LOL yeah i hope i won't regret this one :P but i can always slap something over it, its not too big...

    I have 11 tattoos

  4. Have faith my brother. But yeah, it's good to know you can cover it up if things go south.

    11 tattoos? Cool man...are you on Inked Nation or Facebook? I'll love to ogle at your tatts.


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