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Singapore Idol is coming back? What the hell for?

I've got to give it up to Mediacorp for their Blockbuster Drama, Fighting Spider. They did a fantastic job with these three kid actors and it's pleasant to watch the story unfold. I think Mediacorp should come up with more shows like this. Even Phua Chu Kang Malaysian style is alright.

But to bring back Singapore Idol? What's up with that decision?! Did someone have too much to drink and then decided to shame Singaporeans again? The first two seasons of Singapore Idol had very little talent and lots of irritating contestants. Every damn time I watched Singapore Idol, I cringed! Besides my friend Nana and Hardy Mizra, nobody else impressed. Don't even get me started on the judges.

The first winner of Singapore Idol is doing 7-11 advertisements. Well, at least he's been paid good money...

If you don't mind embarrassing yourself and your family on national television, auditions for Singapore Idol 2009 will be held at The Cathay on 6th June from 8.00am. Good luck and god bless Singapore!


  1. hey dude!!! how u doing???

    anyhoo, me too was like aaahhhh like charlie when i heard SI is coming back. was nvr a follower anyway. but here's my sick theory lah. its because the judges now can save someone whom they think was unfairly booted out??? i mean, come on, think abt the last season's monkeys???? i nearly smashed my TV when i saw snippet of that girl singing spice girls' wannabe. remember???? hahahhaa

  2. so that more Taufiks can endorse 7-11 's Big Gulp you idiot!

  3. to Atot: I'm doing good babes. How's you? mean Maia Lee? I dunno lah. The talented singers don't audition here cos they have full-time jobs. No employer in the right mind would give their staff a couple months off for Singapore Idol. The only thing to look forward to is the audition part. I love watching Singaporeans make a total fool of themselves on live television!

    to perverted Remy: Why do we even need that? The last time I bought a Big Gulp was in 1997. Now I just steal their cups to mix my stout and beer. =)


    In american the one who gt the yellow papper gt to go Hollywood.

    but in Singapore the one who gt 'paper' get to go ????????
    Indoor stadium??


  5. They get to go Caldecott Hill! It's a pretty fun place. And yeah, Singapore Indoor stadium too.

    I hear they have revamped SI. Let's hope the changes are for the better. =)

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  7. eh singapore idol is a platform for fronting big gulp ads ok! altho i can't sing like many idiots but i know how to hold a cup of big gulp well! i wld say even better than taufik!

  8. Sure or not? Bro I think you'll be better off holding something else. Call me and I'll tell you what!!!

  9. I hate those shows! But I do enjoy watching the auditions...

  10. I totally get what you mean. I love the auditions too. It's too funny to miss out on...


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