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Dr. Numb is a scam!

I have an issue with the people from Dr. Numb. These fellas are worse than cheap! For a company that charges a whooping US$54.00 for a tube of cream that they claim is numbing cream for tattoos and piercing, they sure as hell don't have money to market themselves.

Instead, they choose to leave comments on this blog. To be precise, they left 15 comments in the last 12 hours. Some posts had up to four of the same useless comments.

Here's one of the comments left by Mr. A-Hole:

buddies, for painless tattoing and piercing try it out, drnumd anesthetic cream, its a great product. check it out

You know what? It takes me seconds to delete these comments. I'll continue to do this till this moron gets the idea.

To the readers of this blog and those of you that have stumbled upon this page, Dr. Numb is a scam! Do not purchase their products. It's all just a money making scam. If you do need a numbing cream, visit your family doctor or your nearest pharmacy. Consult your tattoo artist as well. He or she should be experienced enough to advise you.

Update - The comment below was left by a faceless "Manager" of Dr. Numb on Saturday, May 09, 2009 3:41:00 AM:

"Fuck you! who the hell do you think you are a-hoe! you know what your pathetic nut head! this is the manager of dr. numb. We just want to advertise our product and thats it. What's wrong with that? But you know what motherfucker, your just awaste of time. Buti nga we visited your site e. Kung pinoy ka man! gago pinoy kame at kung pinoy karin eh kahiya ka! Bye tanga! you dont know those words? Goooooggglllleeee it!!!!"

Update 29th June 2011: I've been getting a whole lot of web traffic from people searching for "Dr. Numb". Well if you are thinking of purchasing this product, it's really up to you! It's your money after all. But I'm sure you've read the countless GREAT reviews about the product online. In fact, I just read a few awesome comments about this product on public forums. The only problem is...the comments were left by users that only had a post or two on their account.

What does this mean? Quite simply, the account was set-up by people who solely wanted to leave that Super Awesome comment. Here's a tattoo forum you can look at. Take note of the last three comments...

Now think about... How many of us would go all over the net to proclaim that a product you bought is so damn good. Most people I know, would only do so if they are earning money from it! How do they earn money from it? Affiliate marketing of course! And yes, they do have an affiliate program. Here's the link!

If you have come to the conclusion that the majority of positive reviews about Dr. Numb are by affiliate marketers, then you ain't the only one. For the record, I don't have a problem with affiliate marketing. Neither do I have a problem with numbing creams. Your tattoo experience should be a great one. It doesn't matter if it's your first tattoo or your tenth. Just don't let a product ruin that experience. Ok?

You could also read the comments below from some people that have used this product. And you can read messages that was sent to me on Facebook from one of the CO-OWNERS of Dr. Numb. Click here to read that post!


  1. yeah...i did saw their repeated comments on 1 of ur articles...and i was like, haha nooooooooel got a staaaaalker....muahahhahahaaa....

    wei....u not tired meh deleting one by one? cant u just block them or something????

  2. That's the thing about blogger. You can't block shit. So no choice la babe, gotta delete one by one...

  3. Fuck you! who the hell do you think you are a-hoe! you know what your pathetic nut head! this is the manager of dr. numb. We just want to advertise our product and thats it. What's wrong with that? But you know what motherfucker, your just awaste of time. Buti nga we visited your site e. Kung pinoy ka man! gago pinoy kame at kung pinoy karin eh kahiya ka! Bye tanga! you dont know those words? Goooooggglllleeee it!!!!

    1. This explains why there were so many typos on the product that I regretfully purchased. Sketchyyyyy!

  4. You call this advertising? This is spam you piece of shit! Are you uneducated or something?!

    If you want to advertise, you have to pay money. Not leave 4 or 5 of the same comments in one post. All it says about you and your product is that you are CHEAP!

    So, as the manager of Dr. Numb, you have just showed my readers you are just a lowly company - if we can even call it that!

    Last of all, Dr. Numb isn't even medically proven! Yes, we did our homework...

  5. Thank you for the heads up... and dr. numb could blow a dick putos...

    Sin, BX NYC

  6. I've read mixed reviews about these numbing creams. I have some ink on my outer left shoulder that I had done all natural. Honestly, the outline felt like dragging the corner of a razor blade around and the color felt like a firmly pressed ball-point pen. It wasn't that painful and I think I was 19 at the time and in the service. My interest in the numbing cream is for my wife. I have been trying to convince her to get a little something for a while now and I think the biggest deterrent is the prospect of pain. No matter how much I assure her or give her the Zen of tattooing, she is still indecisive. I have read that Dr. Numb is a scam, I have also read a lot of blog and testimonials (that are either very well faked or honestly real) stating that the numbing is complete and that it lasts over an hour. I have also read from shop owners that they endorse it and that it doesn’t affect the ink but I have also heard the opposite. What is the truth on this stuff? Lidocaine replaced Novocain years ago in the medical world; this is just topical lidocaine, what is the controversy about? From watching the videos, the cream is completely absorbed into the skin, the excess is wiped away, and its water based. How could it interfere with ink? Why is it so polarizing?
    Frankly, all the negative feedback I read on it is from people who feel that tattooing should be painful to keep people who don’t like pain out of the community. That mentality leads me to believe that the true tattoo fan is more S&M and less self-expression. It would indicate the mantra to be a big lie and the reality to be more self-punishment, guilt riddled, and resentful. Can you comment on why this may or may not be the case and how it might affect the reviews of anything meant to reduce tattoo pain?
    So, that is 2 issues in total:
    1. Is Dr. Numb a scam? Does it work? If I give it to my wife and it wears off fast and she finds herself in the middle of a terrible tattoo experience, I will never hear the end of it.
    2. Why all the endorsements for pain? Do people equate a tattoo to some rite of passage? I am inked, my brothers are inked, my sister is inked, and we all endured the pain. My dad at 65 wants a big train on his arm from his 32+ years at Union Pacific. He doesn’t mind pain but we don’t see it as a status symbol. Would we be fakes or the tattoo worthless if we opted to avoid the pain?
    3. Does bloody cussing in another language mean it is ok in open forum? IMHO, Das ist verdammt dumm. Ogni individuo ha accesso ai traduttori online. 세상은 요즘 국적을 식별하는 데 너무 평면이다.

    1. It's the litigation in the skin that's absorbed along with one or two other ingredients that cause reactions in the skin triggered by the trauma to the skin caused by tattooing. This may also have an extremely negative effect on the liver, if I recall correctly, in some rare cases death. Research all the ingredients for yourself. Their are honorable Web sites such as those ending in ".gov" or ".org" .. my best advise is to ask a doctor only. Not a physician. I have yet to research a cream I've heard about I think called "Elma". Idk I'm not sure on the name but I'll get it... Thank you for your time.

  7. Hi Casey! Thanks for the long comment. LOL! I get what you mean when you remarked it felt like a razor blade was being dragged across your skin. That's exactly how it felt when I did my foot. The pain isn't too pleasant.

    My advice is for your wife to consult your family doctor. I've heard some doctors would prescribe anesthetic numbing cream that they use in their practice and some would give an injection to numb the area. Your family doctor might be able to do the same...

    Affiliate marketing is huge on the internet. With that said, most of the reviews you read about Dr. Numb is via affiliate marketing. They have unique URL's that track each click and if the product is purchased, the person gets commission. The same goes to some artists that are promoting the product.

    I could have promoted the product and made a tidy sum of money but if a product doesn't work or I feel is a rip off, I believe it's my duty to let my readers know.

    Over the past year, I received lots of emails from people saying that they purchased the above mentioned product and it didn't go anything for them. These people wanted to know if I had another product to recommend.

    I'm all for numbing creams if it helps a person complete a tattoo. At the end of the day, it helps the tattoo industry. Imagine how many more people would get their first tattoo if they knew they won't experience any pain or discomfort. This would mean more business for tattoo artists. So I don't understand why some people are against this...

    I've done some posts about creams that numb the area. I have recommended it to friends and readers and have yet to receive a complaint. Here are the links...

    Rest assured, I don't earn a dime from promoting Emla. I doubt they even know I exist! LOL!

    1. Hi there thought I would clear up the mystery surrounding Dr Numb, had a large wolf tattooed on my chest yesterday, have had quite a few tats before and thought I would give the cream a go as I had read such rave reviews about it!!
      Ok did it work? Simple answer is yes – but only for approx 1hr.
      I applied the cream over 1 hr before any work started and kept it wrapped in Clingfilm. It did not affect the elasticity of the skin in any way, which is a big plus point!
      I had just over 1 hr almost totally pain free and was really impressed with it.
      After 1 hr the effect quickly disappeared and did not help in the slightest for the remaining 2 hours of work.
      Conclusion: Its great for small 1hr tattoos if you have a really low pain threshold, for anything bigger you will have a good 1st hour and then be back to normal.
      The bold claims of it lasting up to 4hrs are total rubbish!
      Is it worth the money – in my opinion no, if any tat or treatment will last longer than the hr.

  8. hi my name is devon. i am in the process of getting my 5th and biggest tattoo on my shoulder blade and only color for the most part was worse then the ribs and the tattoo artist really wasnt caring if i couldnt handle anymore just kept trying to push me to do more. ive asked him about numbing cream and he said that he found one that i cant use until after he has already tattooed a little bit of every part of the tattoo..since you are a tattoo artist are their any STRONG numbing creams that last long that you would suggest that dont involve needing to be tattooed first? i know you have said ask your family doctor but right now i dont have a doctor so yea..haha the internet is my doctor..please let me know asap cuz what i have already had done is all healed and he wants to finish it up as much as i do but he could careless if im numbed and comfortable

    1. Ask for a prescription of EMLA CREAM!!! it's giving to people who have to intravenous catheter insertion.. I know 1st hand..

  9. Hi Devon! You'll be glad to know that I recently blogged about a new numbing cream that is specially formulated for the use on tattoos and piercings. While its exclusively available in Singapore, they do offer international shipping.

    Here's the url to my post:

    Be sure to tell them Noel Boyd sent you and they'll take good care of you.

  10. Pffft. I agree Dr. Numb is a scam and is not effective!!! I hope this is not a Filipino product. I would call Dr. Numb a bastos product! Kakahiya ka!!!

  11. i tried this dr numb and it didn't work for me and my best friend. it didn't hurt less nor did it hurt more. however, another friend used the balance of my cream when she did hers and she says it helped numb the area for 20 mins or thereabouts. at least she got most of the outline work done by the time it wore off! lol!

  12. Hey man, I'm in the process of getting Q-switched laser treatments to remove a couple of unwanted tattoos that I've gotten. I did the first treatment last Saturday... All I can say is I felt like the devil was pissing in the palm of my hand... not that I have actually experienced that but I can imagine it might be that excruciating! I was reading up on Dr. Numbs apparent bullshit, was actually getting ready to place an order up until I just read your blog. Thank God for your honesty! I was wondering if there was any product you've heard of that is truly effective and approved. Would appreciate some suggestions. Thanks again for this money saving insight!

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Thank you Noel Boyd and the rest of you guys for posting bad comments about dr numb. My security told me it was not a safe website in the first place then I checked for reviews and comments and I found you. Buti nalang pinoy kayu who cares for co-pinoys/pinays. Salamat marami! Espie

  15. Thank you for leaving the comment by the alleged manager of Dr.Numb. If that is indeed the manager, if I had any intention of doing business with them, that has quickly faded when I see those kinds of posts!

  16. I know who the real person is behind Dr. Numb cream and

    I'm sure his friends and family and priest would be very disappointed to learn what he is really doing to make money. He is from Manila but has been living in Brunei. There is much more and I have all the info.

    I appeal to this young man to do the right thing and take down for the good of all mankind. If the Manila Police or the Brunei Royal learns of his activities he will spend a very long time in a horrible prison. So I urge him to right the wrong he has done and take down

    1. From one Anonymous user to another. Interesting that you know Max Shinsachi if indeed that is his real name.

      He is a cunning and sneaky individual isn't he?

      Many brands of numbing creams are out there on the market besides Dr Numb. These are trademarked names recognized in other countries but not in the USA. Some of these brands existed BEFORE Dr Numb. Being at a lower price yet as effective of product in a growing competitive market, Max didn't want to play ball. Max instead seized the opportunity to apply for USA trademark recognition of these competing brand names.

      Once he acquired the trademarks, he sent "official" letters to shut down competing vendors selling these products; claiming that they were counterfeits of Shinsachi pharmaceuticals official USA registered and trusted names.

      Ebay veRo is now currently being abused by Max Shinsachi to remove these once highly competitive brand names allowing him to monopolize the market at $45 a box numbing cream. FYI, his cost per tube is well under $3.00 from his manufacturer. More in the $1.50 range based on his volume.

      So there is much money to be made in this market and he is fighting both tooth and nail to ensure only his product is visible. He has abused the USA trademark system, uses the FDA as a scare tactic just as he does with Health Canada.

      Dr Numb claims to be the only cream FDA approved. This is not true. I spoke with the FDA regarding this. They have no record of Shisachi Media, Shinsachi Pharmaceutical or Dr Numb. They asked details about what the product was. After explanation, the FDA said very clearly that topical numbing creams cannot be FDA approved. That is, there is no such category to even be approved of as it falls under the gray area of tattoo supplies. The requirements are that it be no more than 5% Lidocaine.

      Then I called Health Canada to get the scoop on Dr Numb's DIN number. They did recognize Dr Numb as having filed an application. But they were waiting for product to sample and verify. Odd that Dr Numb was selling over a year with the DIN number printed on the box and their website claiming they had official DIN number and Canada Health recognition. So another lie!

      They bought/acquired the domain names of the competing brands with warnings indicating they are hazardous and have been recalled by the FDA!!! That you should only use FDA approved Dr Numb. How scumbag low this rabbit hole goes.

      Again, none of these products can have FDA approval as they are not even eligible! All they need to be is 5% or less Lidocaine.

      I cannot express how much frustration and stress the actions of this individual has caused me and my family. We have a large inventory of not only Dr Numb, but the other brand names which we can no longer sell at this time. All of these products have gone to waste because they have expired.

      Shinsachi has been relentless in attempting to shut down our numbing cream website, eBay store and PayPal account. They inform eBay that the Dr Numb inventory we ordered from them is "counterfeit" and hazardous. Oh really? The shipping cartons have your address on it. The bank documentation of the transferred money for the order went to you. I have emails from Max Shinsachi himself regarding our Dr Numb orders.

      The whole point of this is to keep the price high and competition out.

      There are numerous lawsuits against Shinsachi, one being our own regarding trademark infringement, cyber-squatting and defaming character of our own USA trademarked numbing cream brand. He also owes Bobby Brown $400,000 dollars as he would not remove a video on the Dr Numb website of Bobby Brown when told to do so. Shinsachi never showed to court, so the ruling was automatically in Bobby Browns favor.

      Curiously, the legal papers were served to an Indian reservation address in Canada. Max's supposed legal home address.

      Is he Indian?

      My trademark attorney says he has never seen such reckless behavior in a company in his entire career.

    2. Hi Anonymous. He goes by the alias Max Sachchi in Vancouver. While is was Real Estate agent he used the name Niranjan Sachchithanantham. However his real name is Sachchithanantham Selliah and his partner is Seungwoo Shin.

      So yes he is Indian. Good job with the homework you have done. Nothing will make me happier than to bring down these scam artists.

      This is the last known address in Canada.
      ShinSachi Media Inc.
      4196 staulo cres.
      Vancouver, British Columbia v6n3s2

      And this is their phone number. +1.6049615923

    3. There's some form of legal protection in Canada when conducting a business in an Indian Reserve. Such is the case of BODOG the first online Casio. Their data center is within a Indian Reserve therefore it's no one's jurisdiction, no taxes to pay, and no regulation to abide by. The owner of BODOG is a wanted man in the US for white collar crime. In the case of Dr.Nump the owner must have done a thorough due diligence of this legal shelter prior to entertaining his business venture.

    4. Update to Noel and Anonymous that knows Max. The lawsuit against Shinsachi was a success and we were able to recover the 3 trademarked brands he was squatting on to try and obtain a market monopoly. There was also a significant financial sum (lower mid six digits) of money awarded to us that Max has to pay according to the Court of Law. My wife is very excited to get this award to replace the damage to her tattoo supply business and absolute hell from stress. If this individual makes another attempt to make another takedown attempt of her website, I don't know what can be done to stop her from claiming the awarded money.

      All of the former blocked brands of numbing cream are now available at including the Dr Numb formulas. Noel, you have permission to remove this link if you feel there is a breach of proper use of this forum as an advertisement. If you wish to contact us, us the contact link at the website

      Just wanted to update you. For details of the court case, you can google Olga Curtis vs Shinsachi.

  17. "Dr Numb" uses a few addresses in Vancouver also. These can be very confusing when looking into this guy but I have it all figured out. It isn't what people who posted on other sites have posted and the person behind Dr Numb has moved the location pins of his safe house in Vancouver. Also he does not live there. When you put in his location on Google Maps or BING the pin points incorrectly to this neighbors. The address of his safe house is 4196 Staulo Cres Vancouver, BC. Put in that address and you will see a different house. This is only a small taste of the info that I have on Dr Numb..

  18. Wow...i knew it was too good to be true lol..tnx noel!!

    *ur such a effin hottie btw;-)

  19. Espie: Looks like you have good security on your com. Wooot! =)

    Anonymous: Yeah it is a manager. They confirmed it in an email that they sent a few months ago. They also asked that I kindly remove this post. But I said no and that people/consumers deserve to know the truth about this company.

    Anonymous: Oh wow! Talk about having dirt on this person!!! I had a hunch that the person behind Dr. Numb is from the Philippines. You know what? I am interested in finding out more about this person. You my friend, seem to have the answers...

    yoyo: Awww...thanks babe!

  20. NB: I would like to know how I can get in touch with you confidentially and privately. I have no interest in money or anything like that. I am almost ready to give you the info I have learned about who is behind this cream and the other site.

  21. A girlfriend of mine bought dr numb and it didn't work for her. Even her tattoo artist said that dr numb won't work. She tried contacting them for a refund but has been ignored. You are right. This is a damn scam!!!

  22. Thank you so much for this blog - I just had 1/3 of a half sleeve done yesterday and was about to place an order when I stumbled across your blog.

    Even if Dr. Numb were to work - after reading the comments by their representatives, I would never in a million years support their company. Thank you!

  23. I ordered this to stretch my nipple piercings. I cannot tell if the product works or not! The $50+ tube was more then half filled with LIQUID, some white funky milky liquid, I did not dare apply this to my skin.

    I emailed the company 2 times about an exchange/return/refund , whatever they woould prefer, and got no answer at all. You cannot tell by the site, only after you received your order you realize by the label that this comes from INDIA!!

    Take your own conclusions, but do NOT expect quality control and/or costumer care like you get in the US or Europe, they could even be mixing bad ingredients or fake ones, that they would not be held accountable where they are.
    If something goes wrong you are on your own with this company, that is likely why they have not bothered answering my emails.

    Also, shipping charges are absurdly high and shipping is very very slow, but again, this comes from India!! The website gives some address in Canada but it is a deception given it is the address for an HR company (recruiting company), like I mention, the product comes from INDIA, and poorly packed at that, alsmot like a "relative" care package, very non professional.

    I would clearly stay away from this expensive product coming from a shady source, I ended up using "Super T Predeadener" which worked a treat and made my stretching pain free!!

  24. I purchased this product for bikini waxing. It's such a painful process, I was willing to pay $35 for this creme even if it just some what helped with the pain. I followed the instructions exacly. Put on thick and leave on 45 min before procedure and wipe off. This product is a scam. It didn't do anything! I was so mad. I paid $35 for this small tube of creme that did nothing. Please don't waste your money like I did.

  25. Hi all, if you are looking for a reliable tattoo numbing cream, do check out this post of mine...

  26. I havent tried this cream.. and never will.. the only numbing cream that is guaranteed is by prescription, and it's EMLA CREAM which is lidocaine/prilocaine!! So I seriously doubt that this company could get ahold of something that is marketed by APP Pharmaceuticals!!!

    So the next time you go see your doctor ask them for a prescription of Emla Cream!!!

  27. Hi Noel
    Like some of your other readers I was seriously leaning towards Dr Numb as I am in the process of having a rather large tribal piece done across my shoulders down my spine and across my lower back. My first session was fine pine wise...minor discomfort that lasted for about an hour after the sitting completed (3 hours for that) but my second session was much more painful as it involved re-lining and filling the black across my shoulders. I don't consider myself to have a low pain threshold but I really wasn't looking forward to the section going straight down my spine, and Andy, my tattoo artist, did warn me to prepare for a painful session. He did suggest a product called TattooNumb and said several of his other clients where regular users and swore by this cream. I decided to do a little research.
    It seems tattoonumb isn't widely reviewed online and the few I did find where kinda mixed but the one that kept jumping up was Dr Numb, but after checking the sites for these reviews they where all affiliated so for me DR NUMB IS A NO-GO.
    I just wanted to thank you for being honest enough to point these conmen out and save people the misery of finding out the hard way that their "snake oils" just don't work.

  28. I have to agree with the people suggesting Emla. Last saturday I had half of my back tattoo filled in and for some reason I have not felt that much pain in a very long time. Maybe it was because I'm getting older or I'm just becoming a wimp. lol but I was in a tremendous amount of pain. So I decided to go to the pharmasist and see if there was anything I could get and they sold me Emla(I am up in Canada and its sold over the counter up here).

    Well I followed the instructions and went back in the next day to finish it up. I was a little weary about it, expecting to feel the touch of the needle along the rib cage but nothing came. The entire tattoo was filled in and I was in heaven. The only time I felt anything was when they had to go back to an area that was just done to shade with another color. Even that tattoo artist couldn't believe how well it worked. But it does have some side effects though. When I first put it on it felt like a light burning sensation untill the numbing kicked in, and after the tattoo is done its a little more painfull than usually but not much. Just be carefull how much you use because if you use too much you can get dizzy and nautious and feel a little messed up.

    In the next month I will be getting a coat of arms in the middle of my back and I will defenatly be using Elma again. For anyone who does not handle pain that well this product is for you. If anyone wants to see how well it works I will be filming my next session using it. I can send you the video file if you want Noel Boyd so we can prove how well it works and get rid of these fake products.

  29. Thank you allll for helping me save money, I'm getting a back tatt covered. I'm on session 3, the artist keeps kicking me out because i keep moving :( ...... it hurts so bad but i will get it finised

  30. I purchased the product a couple days ago. And just now i randomly done a search on Dr Numb reviews and came onto your page first. Damn man, seriously i wasted money on this dumb cream cream that don't really work. I spent £30.

    Crystal :(

  31. Was going to buy from them but not so much now. Has anyone tried BIOEVOLVE? It's prescription in US but otc in Canada. It's $18 a tube and I've read great reviews. Any information would be helpful. Thx

  32. Has anyone tried bioevolve? Was looking into them after what I've been reading about dr numb. They were who i was going to buy from.

  33. Noel,
    Re: Dr Numb is scummy.
    From Numbing King ( Formerly Mr Numb )
    Dr Numb aggressively advertised on Google with ads that pointed to their Dr Numb site leading customers to buy their worthless product instead of Mr Numb. The only complaints we had were from customers that bought Dr Numb and thought that it was Mr Numb. We had to change our name to Numbing King to avoid their false advertising.
    They had even submitted the pages from our web site to the US patent and trademark office to falsely try to obtain a trademark under Mr Numb.
    Regardless, Numbing King free from their fraud post suing them. The Numbing King product is made in an FDA approved lab in Las Vegas and is highly effective and respected by artists as the best numbing cream available.
    Go to google a simply type in Numbing King Las Vegas and one can readily see that their are legitamite articles in the Las Vegas Sun, and full page ads in Tattoo Life magazine.
    The product is made under direction of Dr David Watson who is also the ringside fight doctor for world title fights and the UFC, and is made in an FDA approved lab.
    Numbing King works and Dr Numb is exactly what you state and is a worthless scam cream.

    1. Hi Numbing King Team! Thank you for leaving your comment. Oh my they did that? My impression is Dr Numb is run by a bunch of crooks. I understand one of the main players Max is based in the Philippines. They run some other spam websites as well.

      Great job with the numbing cream. Will promote your products to readers that ask for a recommendation.

  34. Suck my a$$ Dr numb, I was really just about to buy that shit for the last 2 hours on my ribs(the first 3 were not pleasant) but figured I'd read about it a little more so thank you noel. Also if you ever want to sit on my face I'm down

  35. OMG!!! I just stumble upon this blog... After I purchased 5 tubes of Dr Numb last week. I still have a lot of sessions for my back piece and since previous time I use it and it work for at least 1 hour, I thought buying it again wouldn't be a problem.

    I should have dig out more info for this item. T_T

    Thanks Noel and everyone who pointing out about this matter. ^^
    I'm going to try Tattoocainez for my next week session then.

    Any idea what should I do with the 5 tubes Dr Numb once it's delivered? Ughhh..

  36. I tried this dr numb bullshit and it didn't work! Didn't work for my brother too. Wish I had read your blog earlier. What a waste of fucking money!

  37. Mr Numb is a good product. The Dr Numb fuckers tried to steal your Las Vegas address trademark too! Our trademark battle was in the midst of yours. Got ours back.


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