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Good Morning!

Good morning all! I know it's 11pm but Ann and I woke up not long ago. Last night, we decided to sleep early for the first time in many months. We headed to sleep at 11.30pm and woke up at 12.50am. Why you may ask? Ask my dear son Drayden! He took a power nap and was energized like the Duracell bunny!

I had a morning event at Lucky Plaza for Starhub and my call time was 9am. Drayden went to sleep at six in the morning. As much as I wanted to sleep when Dray woke up, I told Ann that we are in this together and I'll stay up with her. There's no reason why she's got to be up while I enjoy dreaming of hot and wet teen models. Right?!

So I headed to work without any sleep and the four hours I was airbrushing, was the longest bloody four hours!! The only consolation after airbrushing four hours straight, is the money. I doubt I'll ever do anything more than four hours. It's tiring and it takes a strain on my already screwed up back...

My schedule for the coming week looks busy. As mentioned before on this blog, I'll be busy with the NTU Arts Fiesta 09' from Tuesday to Friday and I'm airbrushing for another airbrush tattoo company (yep, a competitor) on Saturday. I've got two days to put together a mini tattoo exhibition and prep my airbrush supplies. I'm looking to promote both EZ Tattoo and Exotic Tattoo Studio during the duration of the fiesta. It's gonna be awesome!

I'm gonna bum and watch cable. Enjoy what's left of Sunday and have a pleasant Monday. Remember, work sucks on Monday only because you think it is. Mondays really aren't that bad. Cheers!


  1. yupe true man!!! the power of one's mind. hence dats why i took urgent leave today for no real reason!!! wahkahkahakhakahkahakhakah!!! but wat da hell u know??? here i am reading ur blog instead of going back to zzzzzzzzz...sheeeessshhhh

  2. chose reading my blog over sleep!! The rain right now makes it wonderful to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzz...

  3. That's alright man, money doesn't come often without sacrifice. And to think it's a worthy sacrifice considering it was for your baby.


  4. Totally bro! Everything we do now, it's for the baby.

    You've got a cool site!


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