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Good as Gold

Hello hello! I hope your week has been smashing thus far. Forget about the financial crisis for awhile and live life a little. I know it's tough for some of you. But sometimes, it's good to not think too much. Worrying won't get you anywhere. So rent a movie for the weekend or head to beach to unwind. Give yourself that short break because you deserve it...

Here is an unhappy thought. The American Idol judges probably thought it would be funny to bring back Tatiana Del Toro for the Wild-Card round. Seriously man, what were they thinking?! They would have been better off with Nick Mitchell a.k.a Normund Gentle. I just hope they brought back this irritating cry baby just so they can break her down again!!

Remember the job I had at Zouk last Wednesday? The one where we body painted two models in gold? It took us two whole hours to paint the pair from head to toe. Well, here are the pictures courtesy of Zoosh Pte Ltd.

I had the lovely Angelic Nora working with me for that event. Babe, thank you for being an outstanding colleague and I'm looking forward to driving you up the wall next week! For those wondering, we will be at NTU's Arts Fiesta from the 11th to the 13th. It's gonna be fun fun fun!!!

I've got to do my laundry and get some work done. Have an awesome Friday and god bless!


  1. Hey! Cool Blog.

    You should check out my friends Blog too.
    Bangkok Escort, A Thai Girls Diary.

    She is worth all the support she can get.


  2. The gold looks even & smooth. Nice work pal. Keep the good work and you will be sought after in no time.

    - a fellow body artist, TJ

  3. i will be in school then. i shall visit you when ur working!


  4. to Robert: Thanks for dropping by Robert. Will visit the blog in a bit.

    to Anonymous: That's awesome to hear from another artist. Thanks TJ. I hope all is good on your end. Take care and god bless!

    to Munster: Aite, see ya babe!


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