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Wax Figures at Rainforest Kidzworld

The Singapore Zoo has some freaky wax figures folks! I wouldn't want to be around them at night. These wax figures are located at the new Rainforest Kidzworld...

Pictures from our zoo trip are coming up next...


  1. hi noel,

    i'm backkkkk....hahhaa...
    anyway, agreed that these are scary. but why are they there? wats their story ah? it was just last year my workplace held our Family Day event there, but unfortunately its either i didnt venture far enuff to that place or it wasnt open or i'm just plain ignorant/lazy. hahahaha.

    keep it cool!!


    Well, the Rainforest Kidzworld opened this year. The wax figures are located in a kampung house, a place where children can see how life was lived back in the old days.

    Kidzworld rocks man! It's a fun place for children and even adults. I LOVE the place!

  3. I agree the wax figures are freaky. When I first stepped into the kampung house I was creeped out by the lady sitting in front of the TV. :s

    Although, I also think that the carousel outside the Rainforest Kidzworld is freaky. The animals on them are scary and I still haven't figured out why a triceratops is one of the animals on there. :s

  4. Hahahaha...same here! The one that freaked me out the most is the figurine that is washing clothes...

    Reckon they included the triceratops cos they have a Dino Walk in Kidzworld. But yeah, the animals are scary looking. They should have stuck with horses like most carousels!

  5. Did you see the scary tigers at the top of the carousel as well???

    My sister had to do a shoot there at night and man it woulda been freaky. What more they had those scary Chinese New Year figurines by Garden With a View. Imagine driving past those at night!!! *shudder*

  6. Think I missed the tigers. Damn I should have taken a picture of the carousel.

    I reckon they removed the figurines at Garden with a View. Didn't see any. What figurines were these?

    Smoking seems to be banned in the zoo. But, I smoked at the Garden and this hut @ Primate Kingdom. The zoo should come up with smoking rooms or something...

  7. They're in my Singapore Zoo Jan-Feb2009 part 2 album on Facebook. Last two photos in the album. The wayang one is especially freaky, particularly its skin and teeth. To me anyway.

    Hmm if smoking is banned... I wonder where the guys smoke? Cos aren't a fair few of them smokers as well??

  8. I'll go take a look....

    The boys probably smoke at the back of their section or something...But as a visitor, there are very few places you can hide. It'll be a lot easier if I was skinny!

  9. KNN, what the fuck's up with those wax figurines?

    Issit some Little Nonya nonsense?

  10. I'm guessing you either don't like figurines or you hate Little Nonya. Which is it?!


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