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Last night we worked a Valentine's Day, Very XOXO event at Zouk. Zouk sure knows how to throw a party! The props were awesome and believe it or not, it was only my second time in Zouk. The last time was in 2002 and that was for work as well. I'll like to thank Tracy, Laura, Mari and the rest of the marketing team at Zouk for having us. See ya'll girls real soon!

I hope you had a smashing time yesterday. For years, I have avoided Orchard road on Valentine's Day. The sight of girls carrying roses and soft toys make me sick. There's nothing wrong if you dig Valentine's Day. Personally I think it's a money making load of crap day! So needless to say, I didn't get anything for my wife. I believe love shouldn't be celebrated on that one day. It should be an everyday thing. Agree?

Ann and I will probably visit the zoo on Wednesday or Thursday. Drayden will love looking at the animals for sure. I reckon it'll be ideal if we visit the zoo every two or three months. He'll grow up understanding animals better and he'll appreciate their existence. If you have a child, I encourage you to do the same. Animal conservation is something we need to teach our new generation. Schools aren't doing enough so it's up to us parents to fix what's wrong...

There's a show on Animal Planet that you should watch if you have the time. Venom ER, follows real stories of the doctors at the hospital of Loma Linda, California dealing with bites of poisonous animals, mainly snakes. Dr. Sean Bush is the star of this show. I am actually amazed that there isn't anything on Wikipedia about Dr. Bush. If I can find the time, I'll contribute an article to Wiki. Anyhow, you can catch Venom ER on Animal Planet Asia this coming Friday at the following time slots: 5 to 6pm and 11pm to 12am.

I'm gonna chill and enjoy the rest of this hazy and humid Sunday. Have a good one!


  1. Here's my Tattoo on your blog. I love Venom ER! I think Dr. Sean Bush rocks! I love to hear the stories of how the people get bite by the snakes. I live in Phoenix and have run across many rattlers and so far have been lucky. Our Zoo has a kids camp in the summer time that is awesome. You should check to see if yours has something similar. It gives them a chance to learn more about the animals and gives them hands on opportunities.

  2. Which one is your tattoo? Cool to know you love Venom ER too! It's a freaking awesome show. For those that have not watched it yet, it's a no bullshit show. Everything you see is real and it's shot raw.

    I think Rattle snakes are beautiful. Keep safe where you're at. Phoenix sounds like an awesome place.

    The only camp that I'm aware of is a camp by a local kids tv channel. I'll definitely get my son into that camp when he's older. And there's volunteer work he can do in the zoo as well...


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