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Horror horror!

The last time I watched a horror flick was when I was a young teenager. 'It' a movie about a bunch of young misfits, totally changed my perception of clowns. Even itsy bitsy spider reminds me of clowns! Stephen King freaked me out so much that I swore to stay away from horror movies. Period!

That was until this evening. My wife and I were at Thomson Plaza and we rented 'The Eye' and 'The Sisters'. As far as I know, both these Asian made movies have been talked about a lot. So much so, Hollywood has it's very own version of The Eye.

Needless to say, I could have had at least 5 heart attacks throughout The Eye. Damn, I could have very well shat in my fucking pants! We'll save The Sisters for another day thank you.

Who says that men with tattoos are brave? Well, not me anyway. I get scared easily and I need to have the lights on when I'm walking from one point of the house to another. For the longest time, I needed to have a night lamp on when I slept. If I'm staying in a hotel, I'll leave ALL the lights on. It's just something that will never change...

We'll rent 'Shutter' from Video EZ next. It's supposed to be the mother of all horror movies right? Let's just hope I survive that!


  1. from a horror fan... Shutter ROCKS.

  2. you know I don't do horror, neighbour, but Shutter was awesome!

    go! go! go rent! and if i hear a scream I'll know it's from your house!


  3. Hi Anonymous, thanks for the recommendation! I bet it's super duper scary!

    missbitchalot:, were you scared shitless? I just don't know what to expect from Shutter. I'll let you know when I'm gonna watch and you stand-by an ambulance. Set?

  4. Oh it was scary alright! But the storyline was good too so it makes up for it..not just senseless horror! You know what I mean??

    And yes, lemme know and I standby ambulance for u...if no ambulance I send u to hospital myself!

  5. yes lets rent shutter.
    i have the upperhand cos i've seen it and know all the scary bits. heh!

    i'll prolly have a laff tricking you into watching the scary parts just to see you pee in your panties! i mean, pants.

  6. Hahahaha...I think I won't watch Shutter. Don't have the balls!

    The Sisters was a horrible movie though. It wasn't scary and a complete waste of money!! Grrr... I thought all Thai horror movies were scary! Grrr...


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