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Gold People

I've been unhappy ever since Liverpool drew with Manchester City. What's up with that?! We had an opportunity to close the game with United but no, we failed to take our chances. That's always the case ain't it?

As much as I want to go up to every Man United fan and say "MAN U SUCKS!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!", I won't. Not because I'll get the shit beaten outta me, but because United deserves to be where they are now. When United are on form, they are unbeatable. And that sucks!

It sure seems like I'm hitting puberty for the second time in my life. I'm breaking out with freaking pimples. I've got one right smack in the middle of my nose. If it gets any bigger, I'll pass off as a clown in a heartbeat. I'll pile on Nixoderm and hope for the best...

We start a three month project with SOL tomorrow. SOL the party beer, is the original sunshine beer from Mexico. So, we'll be at Zouk MAMBO tomorrow transforming two models into gold statues. The human statues will be walking around MAMBO promoting my favourite beverage. I'll snap some pictures and post them here tomorrow night if I'm not sloshed. So if you are into synchronized dancing, come on down to MAMBO tomorrow night aite! And I ain't talking about Line Dancing...

Alrighty, I heading down to town to run some errands. Take care and god bless!


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