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Who you gonna call?

We finally booked the venue for Drayden's birthday party. With the help of Ann's friend, we got a bungalow at Changi. It's an old bungalow which I believe was used by the British when they occupied Singapore during World War II.

My darling wife did a search on Google earlier about 'ghosts at Aloha Changi chalet'. That sparked a massive search by the both of us. What do you know? The area is indeed haunted!!! Boy did we need to know that!

The old Changi Hospital (OCH) is pretty near to where our chalet is located. That doesn't help does it?! Though I've never been to OCH (I doubt I ever will), I've heard lots of stories. What can you expect from a place that was used by the Japanese Occupation to torture the innocent? I don't know how we ever forgave the Japs. But that's a story for another day...

Picture of the Old Changi Hospital courtesy of

If you wanna spook yourself silly, visit the official SPI website or SFOGS. Both websites are doing an excellent job with their paranormal updates. I personally think the SPI team has balls of steel!! They have an article about the place I crab at and a UFO sighting at East Coast Park.
Sembawang Ponitianak Investigation
East Coast Park UFO

I reckon the important rule to remember always is "If you don't disturb them, they won't disturb you". Let's just hope Drayden's birthday party remains spook free!


  1. i was warded in OCH for one week when i was in secondary school. i didn't have any ghostly encounters, thank god, though i was the only one in the ward and the other 5 beds were empty.

    but i was facing a window and there was a HUGE tree right outside, and it was damn eerie and spooky. and this tree, i reckon, is the same tree referred to in one of the OCH ghost stories i read on SPI (or was it Hungzai?) where these girls took a shortcut up to the hospital thru these flight of stairs and one of them saw a body hung on the tree.


    on another occasion, my friends and i DID intend to venture into OCH at night, one time. but we got too spooked the moment we reached the slope of the main entrance, that we backed out. it was also at this inopportune time that one of th guy's gf mentioned she was having her period. duh!

    anyway, baby. i'm soooooo feeling iffy about the night we're gonna spend at the chalet! *shivers*

  2. Some might say you have a guardian angel watching over you. I think you're blessed!

    Sometimes I just don't know what to think. Fear does make you see things. If you tell yourself that this place is haunted, there's a high chance that you will see something.

    Don't worry about the chalet. All will be good. Trust me k...

  3. dont worry people .. the place is not as babd as u think .. haunted it mite be but noel is rite .. respect comes first in everything .. before u guys enter the chalet .. knock on the door 3 times and say " sorry to disturb in any ways we are only here for a few days so please do not disturb us .. thank you " .. well it do work i guess, this is what i do everytime i go stay in foreign places ... anyway, happy birthday to ur kid bro ! enjoy n cheerz ! anyway u know who to call when the unknown happens !!! hahahaha !!!

  4. I know a song called Knock Three Times...

    "Oh my darlin
    knock three times on the ceiling if you want me
    twice on the pipe if the answer is no
    oh my sweetness
    means you'll meet me in the hallway
    twice on the pipe means you ain't gonna show"

    Bro, Drayden birthday is in April. It's a long way more =)


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