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Memory Loss

I've been sitting in front of my computer for the past two hours wondering what the hell to blog about. Funny enough, I had lots of ideas hours ago. Now I can't remember any of them! Ain't that a bitch?!

I hope you are enjoying Chinese New Year. Ann and I have been home the whole freaking day. We've got nothing to do! The hawker center is closed and I believe most of the shops at the nearby Thomson Plaza are closed too.

The queue that I saw at a Singapore Pools outlet earlier in the day didn't reflect the global financial crisis that so many Singaporeans are bitching about. Seriously, the fucking queue was looooooong! Then again, everyone wants to get rich right? Also, there was this dude that bought 4 cases of Carlsberg from the convenient store opposite my house. I so wanted to sneak into his car and rob the fella! Damn did those beers look good!!!

I had a short chat with my neighbour last night about the blogging scene. Or rather, it was him doing all the talking. He reads a handful of blogs when he finds the time. I reckon his favourite is Xiaxue. He went on and on about her blog. For the record, I've got nothing against this girl. I think it's sick that some would speculate if a person is alive or dead. Anyhow, I visited her blog once and never returned. In fact, I read 3 blogs when I have the time. The first is a personal blog, the second is a blog about wresling and the last is a blog about sex. When I do have the time, I whiz through the blogs that are linked here.

Hmm, it's about time I end this post. There ain't much left to say. Till later in the day, sweet dreams!

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