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Freaking Sand Flies!!

We didn't go crabbing today. It's a good thing though. I got bitten by sand flies last week at Sembawang. Sand flies are a fucking menace! Their bites itch for weeks. I reckon I got at least 15 bites when I went down to the beach to take these pictures.

I plan to watch the We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration on HBO Asia later tonight. For those interested, it's at 7pm and again at 1am. U2, Beyonce, The Boss, Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige, Jon Bon Jovi. Garth Brooks and John Mellencamp are among the many artists that performed at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Obama is THE MAN to lead America and the world. He is a remarkable man that will bring change this world badly needs. Amen to that!

I'll end this post with some pictures of my son Drayden. Have a good one folks!


  1. your kid looks so much like u!

    haha erm u are giving 2nd thoughts about gg crabbing...


  2. You think? Most say she looks like mummy! I just hope he doesn't become a rascal like me. Heh!

    Well, just stay off the damn sand! That's where these flies are...

    Hmm, I owe you a sms!!!

  3. hi noel,

    is crabbing very difficult? nvr done it b4. but anyway, i've been to sembawang only once many years ago. @ nite. damn scary i tell u. a ghost played some tricks on me. had never came back ever again. not even during the day.

  4. Crabbing is easy. All a person needs to do is to throw the net into the sea and pull it back in after a few minutes. Say 10 minutes or so... The longer you leave the net in the sea, the higher the chance a crab would have come along, had a meal and left satisfied!

    The area that we go does have a bad rep for the supernatural. I haven't seen anything though. But lots of fishermen have. A few of them that I have spoken to don't bring their wives and kids to the place when they fish at night.

    The chinese do a lot of prayers at the same location we crab. And I've seen washed up urns on the beach.

    If you don't disturb them, they won't do anything to you. Your experience at Sembawang sounds totally whack man! What happened?

  5. ya haha at least u remember u owe me sms! haha...

    ah.. ignorance is bliss... Don't kpo so much about the beach!!! if u know, don't tell me!


  6. u really wanna know?
    ok, i was with my son who was like only 2 then, and together with a few of my teenaged cousins, if i remember correctly, we were actually wandering ard trying to look for a toilet, something like that. thats when i decided that i would wait for them at the playground. and then it happened right there and then. the swing started to move. i swear dude, there was no one there. the best part??? my cousins all ran away leaving me & my son standing there stunned. and my son? he was giggling coz he thought everything is so funny. and me? i thank god i didnt faint!
    so there, thats my story. and i'm amazed a munster is scared of a ghost? hahhahaha...also funny eh?

  7. Oh lord! That's freaky shit. I've seen a video with the swing moving at a playground. I would have fainted if I was there!


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