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Ed Hardy Shoes

Tattoo theme shoes are the in-thing now. Ed Hardy has some kick ass designs. Head on over to to view more designs and get yourself a pair of shoes! While you're there, be sure to check out the other cool products.


  1. oooh! niiice. unfortunately bf doesn't have similar tastes in ed hardy. haha.

  2. I tried airbrushing shoes like this but I sucked so bad! Ed Hardy totally rocks man...

  3. nice shoes man! time for new sneakers for me! haha!

    btw can't imagine my joy when Cahill nodded in the equaliser. right at the death! haha! fist-pumping greatness! \m/

    =) looking forward to the rematch on sunday! haha!

  4. Joy?!!! I hope Cahill fucks your ass someday! Grrr......

  5. haha! if you look at the replays, it was Skrtel that lost Cahill at the freekick. was wondering how did someone that is rumoured to be better than Agger lose his man like that, at such a crucial point.

    i think it's back to the drawing board for Benitez. =) at least be thankful that Pool is still slightly ahead of Chelsea at the moment. but not for long! haha

  6. Thank you on behalf of my 3 sons.... My kids lurve them too much..And the youngest one, Adam, now is able to put on it now and it is superb.
    Shall take the pix when they put those on..
    Imz (Ann's fren)

  7. I'm ignoring jona-tat.2

    to Imz: You're too kind babe! Glad the boys liked the shoes. I guess that's all that matters right? *big hug*


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