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Hi everyone!

Hey all, I'm popping by to let everyone know I'm all good and well. Work has kept me busy since the last time I blogged. I was at Jurong Bird Park on Friday for the Zoo's Keepers Night. I airbrushed for 2 hours or so. After which, I was at the Wild Wild Wet theme park from Saturday to Monday.

I'll be airbrushing at St. James the coming and following Friday and my weekend will be devoted to Wild Wild Wet. In fact, I'll be there every weekend this month. Including Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve and the 1st of January.

I'm hyped about 2009. I think it's gonna be a fantastic year for the ever growing tattoo community in Singapore. With the tattoo show and soon to be launched FLASH INK Singapore magazine happening in the first month of 09', I can't freaking wait!!! I'm like a little boy that can't wait to open his Xmas presents. Plus, I can't wait to see how I look in the magazine. Ahhhh...I can just imagine...

A shout-out to the folks from BodyArtSingapore! I have agreed to join them as a Senior Moderator. So yeah, I now have a new title. Noel Desmond Boyd the Senior Moderator! If I go for a short form, it'll be SM. SM Noel Desmond Boyd. Heh! Ya know, I am indeed honored to have been chosen. It's good to know that I'm doing something right for once. Amen!

Just for the record, I've been booze free since last Wednesay. That's almost a week. There have been cravings but I'm fine. I went for coffee with wifey the other day and it was gooooood! I believe that was the first time I've sat down and had coffee with my wife. There's a first for everything ain't it?

Sometime next week, I'll fill ya'll in on some of the old and new columns that will occupy this blog next year. If you have any suggestions, do leave a comment at the end of this post. It's always good to know what you like and dislike. So yeah...

Lastly, my thanks to all that have texted, emailed and left messages on this blog and Facebook. I love ya'll and thanks for caring.

Till next time, it's Noel Boyd signing off!


  1. Great to have you back! It's been boring in the office when you took your leave of absence. DOn't do it again!!!!!

  2. It's good to be back! I'll try my utmost best to make sure I won't go MIA again. :)

  3. great to see ya back on ya solid feet again bro! just rem not to listen to the little devil inside tempting you. haha!

  4. Likewise bro! I'm gonna contain that little devil the best I can =)

  5. great seeing u back all perky.. continue locking the evil away hahaha may god bless

  6. It's good to be back 'My Life Story'. Something tells me the evil will emerge someday. There's no point in being an angel. It's simply no fun. Heh!

  7. haha.. and wen the tym comes remember to have control of dat devil u have in there ;)have some holy water ready lol


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